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What’s the Best Metal for a Man’s Wedding Ring?

Are you on the hunt for a wedding band for your beau? Before you even pick the style, you’ll be thinking about the metal. From titanium to gold, you’ll have a host of choices to sift through. Each has their own pros and cons, each comes with their own kind of price tag, and each hold on to certain styles better than others.

So, if you’re searching for the best, we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you. Whether you’re taking into account your budget or your man’s career and which metal fits the mold better for what he does on a daily basis, we’re digging into to our three favorites.

Top Three Metals To Use For The Groom


Eternity Diamond Platinum Ring from Brilliant Earth | $3,750

Platinum Wedding Band

Platinum is one of the most popular metals when it comes to both wedding bands and engagement rings. It’s also the most valuable of metals and its value won’t ever fade which is one of the reasons it is such a popular choice.

Durability, sophistication, and tradition – platinum has nearly every point off the checklist covered. That naturally white, crisp color won’t fade over time like white gold will either – which has to be periodically re-dipped to keep its color. Pure platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic, so for those with allergies to gold or silver – this is the way to go!

Truly, the only downside here is the price tag. You’ll need a bigger budget when deciding on a platinum wedding band.

Yellow Gold

14K Beveled Yellow Gold Wedding Band from James Allen | $850

Yellow Gold Wedding Band

One of the most classic and timeless of options comes in the form of yellow gold. It’s the most traditional option. But did you know that yellow gold isn’t made of “just” gold? Gold, silver, and copper actually come together to form its glowing, warm color.

The hardness and durability of yellow gold will depend on the carat you choose. The more actual gold that it has (the higher the number) the “softer” the design will be. And although that softness may scare some, it also makes it the best to work with when it comes to intricate or unique styling.

Some other pros when it comes to gold include that it too will retain its value over time. It won’t rust either if you were wondering.


Ridged Edge Wedding Band from Blue Nile | $290

 Tungsten Wedding Band

And finally, let’s talk about tungsten, shall we? A tungsten wedding band is resistant to scratching and won’t bend like a gold ring either – in fact, it’s about 10 times harder than an 18k gold ring. It’s a great choice for a man that works a lot with his hands or is looking for a more offbeat style.

The downside to tungsten though is how heavy some of the styles can be, so it’s just not as comfortable as a lot of the gold or platinum “comfort” bands are. And because of its denseness, there’s a very real possibility that one wrong hit or drop could actually fracture the ring.

But, this is another hypoallergenic metal to run to if you have allergic reactions to some of the other choices. It’s also a bit easier on the wallet and won’t tarnish over time like silver can.