Whatever the Occasion, Put a Ring on it

Love is the only reason you need to celebrate life and another person, and at Crownring, we take gestures of love to a whole new level. Our collections of rings stand the test of time while remaining relevant and stylish with contemporary aesthetics. Before you head to a discount retailer, come and peruse our varied selection of rings and bands for engagements, weddings, luxury gifts, and anniversaries. Nothing says “I love you” quite like the shimmer and prestige of one of our elegant and sophisticated pieces of jewelry.

Start Your Engagement with a Sparkle

Crownring offers designer luxury engagement rings that will blow her away. Each of our rings is specially crafted and is made of only the finest materials and precious stones that will make her gasp with delight. Gorgeous split bands, intriguing stone settings, and a variety of metals to choose from means that you can select the ring that she will treasure for years to come. Set your relationship on the path to everlasting love with a ring that shows just how much you care.  Our jewelry experts will help you select from white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as platinum and palladium to form the base for the perfect ring. Then fill it with diamonds that she’ll admire every time she looks down at her hand.

Try Out Innovative and Mixed Metals

We love to cater to the clients who are seeking to break the mold and try something new. We can appreciate going against the grain and opening ourselves up to the possibilities of jewelry. That is why we are pleased to offer an entire collection dedicated to innovative metals such as cobalt, titanium, and tungsten. Our innovative metal rings can be crafted to include one or more diamonds to suit your needs and tastes as well, so you can still get the unique and stunning ring that you desire. We even have alternate colors for our metals, such as black cobalt, black and white titanium, and tungsten carbide.

A Luxurious Anniversary Memento

There is always a special moment to celebrate when you’re in love with someone, so we proudly offer our anniversary collection, filled with rings and bands that will show your loved one just how happy you are to be with them. Anniversary and eternity bands are crafted of compelling metals and diamond stone settings that will capture her heart all over again. You will get the same craftsmanship, quality, and attention as with our engagement and wedding rings, plus our anniversary rings are also come in all of our available metals. Our eternity rings are guaranteed to impress and outshine our competitors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about each of our collections and to make your Crownring selection!