Rings on a budget

Engagement & Wedding Rings Don’t Need to Break the Bank

Rings on a budget

What’s Round, Shiny, and Can Break the Bank?

So, you have finally found your better half, the lid to your pot, the horse for your carriage. Congratulations! However, if you thought that now the big decisions are over, then get ready for a surprise. You have just embarked on a decision-making frenzy to challenge all others. And everyone with a vested interest is going to be promoting their side of the story. The caterer will tell you that the food is what people will remember, the photographer will tell you that the only lasting memory you have of your special day are the photographs, and the list goes on.

In a perfect world, you would be made of money; you would hire a wedding planner, sit back, relax, and write the checks as and when required. The vast majority of us are not in that financial situation though, yet we still manage to have a magnificent and special day irrespective of this. That is because, as we all know, money is not the be all and end all of our lives and it does not determine true love, the ultimate success of a relationship, or whether our wedding is perfect.

Rings on a Budget

One of the more prominent, and usually one of the first wedding “must-haves” that is acquired is the engagement ring. It can also be one of the most costly, if not the most costly, wedding accoutrement. It is also the wedding accessory that will more than likely be on display more than any other of your wedding items and it also is a message to the world of your status – not only personal but also financial.

What happens though when you are from more modest means yet you are in engagement ring mode? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank, nor should you break the bank, to get a beautiful ring – a ring that you will be proud to wear and call your own.


Determining Your Budget

The first thing to do is to determine exactly what your budget is and not stray from it. Tradition may have determined that the appropriate amount to spend on an engagement ring is between 1-3 month’s salary, and, when it comes to your hard-earned money, to heck with tradition! You can and should spend as much or as little as you like on a ring, and no doubt your better half will be on the same wavelength as you when it comes to making this decision.

Finding the Jeweler

The most important decision you make when it comes to selecting your ring is the jeweler. Your jeweler should be reputable and trustworthy, have an extensive range of rings on offer, respect your budget, not try to put the “hard sell” on you, offer an array of guarantees to protect your interests, offer the ability to upgrade in the future should you wish to, and offer attractive financing options should you determine that is the way you wish to go.

Thankfully, these days with almost everyone having access to the Internet, finding such a jeweler is not a difficult task. Similarly, due to the competition that online stores offer, you can get some really great bang for your buck.

Checking the credentials of a jeweler online is not difficult, with testimonials and a quick online search providing ample proof of good business practice. It is also not difficult to educate yourself online about diamonds, settings, and what comprises good value for money.

Find yourself a good jeweler and you are well on your way to making a quality purchase within your budget.

Diamonds Are Not Perfect

The most expensive and prominent part of any engagement ring will be the diamond. Consequently, it is imperative that you educate yourself about the 4 Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, that determine the value of a diamond. It is important to keep in mind though, that most diamonds have faults; however, you can also find diamonds that are “eye clean.” This means that yes; the diamonds do have faults; however the fault is not visible to the eye. Similarly, even a fault that is visible can be hidden by a complementary setting. These diamonds can often be purchased at greatly reduced prices and as the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

You can find your perfect ring for a perfect price. It will require you though to educate yourself, do your homework, be patient, and enjoy the experience.

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