A New Year, A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a symbol of new beginnings and it’s a perfect time for a fresh start. Double Heart Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldWhile many New Year’s resolutions involve slimming down, many brides also need to get their relationships in shape. In the midst of wedding planning, it’s easy to neglect your relationships in favor of attending to the many details. However, when the ceremony and reception are over, you’ll still want your friendships, and especially your relationship with your spouse, to be thriving. The good news is that it only takes a few seconds to take a positive step toward building each of these bonds. Are you in need of a fresh start in your relationships this year? Each of the steps to follow requires changing just one thing: your words. Try one of these simple tweaks to improve your relationship with your future spouse and your bond with others close to you. Spread positive gossip. In contrast to negative gossip, when positive gossip makes its way back to the one it’s about, it can strengthen relationships. Look for opportunities to compliment your spouse-to-be, even when he or she isn’t around. Like a diamond pendant, positive words are universally flattering, both to the person who’s the subject and the person who speaks them. They also help the person who speaks them cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Spreading positive gossip about those who help you prepare for you big day can also strengthen bonds. If your cousin does an amazing job addressing your invitations in calligraphy, spread the word! When compliments come her way, she’ll get a boost. Cushion-Cut Garnet and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldGive praise where praise is due. In addition to positive gossip, it’s important to offer direct compliments—both for your fiancé and for those who give you a hand with wedding planning. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and offering praise makes it clear that you value others and the things they do. Try to give your special someone a sincere compliment at least once a day and look for opportunities to compliment others who are important to you. Saying thanks goes hand in hand with offering praise, and like a compliment, a word of gratitude lets someone know that you appreciate them. If you really want to demonstrate you appreciation, consider doing it with jewelry such as a garnet ring. Tell the truth. Honesty is important in any relationship, especially in a marriage relationship. However, many of us get in the habit of telling little white lies—often with good intentions. However, these seemingly harmless fibs can subtly erode trust and pave the way for bigger, more destructive lies. For example, if you routinely lie about small purchases, it becomes much easier to evade the truth about larger purchases. Trustworthiness is essential in marriage and in friendships, and telling the truth makes trustworthiness possible, one honest word at a time. Each of these tweaks takes just seconds, but those seconds can have a big impact. Try one to jump start your fresh start.