Unique Gemstones to Express a One-of-a-kind Love

Diamonds aren’t the only gems that can be a girl’s best friend! A rainbow of gemstones, including a few varieties that aren’t quite so familiar as rubies or sapphires, allow you to express what makes your love unique. Each one has its own personality, and each one adds color and significance to engagement rings, as well as other bridal jewelry. Here are six out-of-the-ordinary picks with meaning and style:

Pink Topaz

Emerald-Cut Pink and White Topaz Gemstone Ring in 14K White GoldFor a look that’s boldly feminine, pink topaz is hard to beat. Their daring yet ladylike color adds zing to vintage looks and modern looks alike. PInk topaz rings allow you to express your love with vibrant style that’s anything but shy.


If the love you share is the light of your life, a citrine engagement ring might be a fitting pick. Citrine, a type of quartz, is an undeniably sunny stone, perfect for expressing an affection that sets you aglow. Since it’s relatively abundant in nature, the specimens that are used for jewelry usually have very few flaws. Like the golden rays of a summer day, this gem is bright, warm and always welcome.


Tanzanite is an ideal stone for celebrating a love that’s a rare treasure. Its soft yet vibrant hue adds just a touch of purple to an alluring indigo, allowing it to serve as “something blue” for the wedding day if you so choose. This gem is found only in one small five-square-mile area in Tanzania, giving it a sense of exclusivity and exotic beauty.

Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White GoldGarnet

You may know garnet as the birthstone for January, but have you ever considered it for wedding jewelry? This deep crimson gem sparkles with the color that’s associated with love and the heart, communicating a sense of passion and romance. Garnet rings are more affordable than those that feature the other well-known red gemstone, the ruby, and their timeless elegance makes them solid picks.

Green Amethyst

Most people think of a violet gemstone when they think of amethyst and, many times, their mental picture of a regal purple stone would be right on target. However, there’s also an intriguing green variety of amethyst that communicates both a heart at peace and a love that gives energy through its soft, cool hue. This stone is as fresh as the first day of spring.

Smokey Topaz

Smokey topaz lives up to its name in that its dark taupe color really does resemble the smoke curling up from an autumn bonfire. This gemstone doesn’t scream for attention; rather, it gently beckons with its subdued, sophisticated good looks. The understated beauty of this stone gives it both timelessness and versatility, allowing it to represent a love that is always in style and that can adapt to any situation.

In addition to their colorful personalities, these six unique picks are semiprecious gemstones, making them affordable as well as beautiful options for brides. Why not choose a stone that’s a little unexpected to make a statement about the one-of-a-kind love that gives color to your life?