Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

For all of the men out there, buying an engagement ring and popping the question can be nerve wracking. Not only is it one of the most important moments of your life, but also hers. Everything needs to be perfect – the surroundings, the moment, and the ring itself. By following this helpful six step guide you can make the process of ensuring one of those much easier. To find out how to buy the best engagement ring, keep reading:

1. Be Ready To Spend
No matter how well prepared you are, this purchase is going to sting quite a bit. However, don’t listen to the old school fools who will tell you to spend three months’ worth of salary on the ring. We promise that she is not going to say no simply because you spent six weeks’ worth of salary on it, as opposed to twelve! You can also look for special deals and discounts, for example at Kohl’s.

2. Be Sneaky Good
Sneakiness is usually not the hallmark of a great relationship, but in this case, it is perfectly okay. Swipe a ring from her jewelry box when it is time to head to the store for an engagement ring, so that you are able to get the right size without having to ask her (which will serve a major tip off for what’s about to take place).

3. Speak With Her Friends
A man plans a wedding once he’s met a woman and fallen in love with her. A woman has been planning her wedding since she was a small child, so be sure to canvass her closest friends, so that you can find out more about her likes and dislikes. This could keep you from making a disastrous decision.

4. Think Of Your Band
In most instances, a wife will want her husband’s wedding band to match her engagement and this is a very important factor to bear in mind. Don’t let yourself be the potential husband who picked out a phenomenal engagement ring and dropped the ball when it came to picking out his own wedding band.

5. Know Your Color, Cut and Clarity Rules
Unless you’ve already been married before (in which case, you have our deepest condolences), you probably do not have a strong level of knowledge regarding the proper colors, cuts and clarity of an engagement ring. Be sure to do your research and never choose a diamond that has a color grade below H or a cut grade lesser than Very Good.

6. Think Deeper Than White
You should only go with the white diamond if you already know that she is a staunch traditionalist and has her heart set on one. Otherwise, you are able to step all the way outside of the box and choose from a number of different colors. Sapphires, emeralds, black diamonds and pink diamonds are all acceptable substitutes for the ever popular white diamond.