Picking the Perfect Piece: Tips for Valentine’s Day Jewelry Shopping

1 Carat Diamond Heart Necklace, 14K White Gold

Do you still need to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Admittedly, your time is short, and chances are that you want to make the most of it. If you’re not sure where to start, a gift of jewelry is always a good option. However, the vast selection that’s available (especially at this time of year) can make shopping for one a bit overwhelming. How do find that perfect gift from within the vast array of diamond pendants, gemstone rings and other jewelry?

While the selection is seemingly endless, there are several ways to significantly whittle down your options to find a piece of jewelry that your special someone will love and that will make your feelings clear. If you could use a little direction in picking the perfect piece, try putting these three tips into practice.

Look at your budget first: Considering how much you can afford may not seem very romantic, but thinking about how much you can reasonably spend before you start shopping is a smart move. Not only will it help you narrow down your choices, it will also help you have enough cash left over for a romantic dinner out. If you’re pinching pennies this Valentine’s Day but would still like to present your special someone with a piece of jewelry, you have a number of beautiful options. Try a sterling silver pendant or a ring adorned with a semiprecious gemstone such as amethyst or garnet for a piece that’s both beautiful and affordable.

Soulmate Sterling Silver Heart PendantChose her preferred metal: Most women (and many men) gravitate toward one metal or another, and by looking only at pieces that are crafted from that metal you can significantly narrow down your options, as well as increase your chances that you’ll choose a piece that your special someone will love. If you’re not sure what metal to look for, consider the jewelry that your significant other wears on a regular basis, or the pieces that she never takes off. For instance, does she always wear a white gold ring or silver hoop earrings? By selecting a piece in her preferring metal, you’ll give her a piece that’s likely to coordinate with the jewelry that she already has, and one that she’s likely to love.

Consider birthstone jewelry: Personalization always adds meaning to any expression of affection, and jewelry that features the birthstone of the one you love is an excellent way to show that you care enough to pick a piece specifically for her—even if you waited until the last minute. From vintage-style rings to heart pendants to stud earrings, birthstones can be found in a wide variety of jewelry, allowing you to pick a piece that’s just perfect.

Even if you haven’t started shopping, you can find a perfect piece of jewelry for the one you love this Valentine’s Day! Each of these tips can help you narrow down your options, and select a piece that shows that you had her in mind.