Pearl Wedding Jewelry – A Classy Touch to Your Bridal Look

Planning your wedding can be a stressful period because you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. All that time spent focusing on the location, invitations, dress, shoes, and whatnot, might leave brides unaware of the importance of wedding jewelry. That memorable dress you’ve been searching ever since you said “Yes” will look even more expensive when graced with spectacular pearl wedding jewelry that will inevitably turn all heads towards you.

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Adding one more item to that ever-growing “to-buy” list doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a financially exhausting or time-consuming experience. On a budget? Great, there are plenty of pearl wedding jewelry options that cost just a few dozens of dollars that will look spectacular on you nonetheless.

In some cultures, it is believed that pearls represent the bride’s tears. These items are said to replace the real tears of the future bride because she is bound to have a happy, loving marriage, during which she won’t need to cry.

The great thing about pearl wedding jewelry is that it’s highly versatile. You can wear pearls with any gown color or silhouette. And if white is not your color, know that you benefit from quite a wide range of options, from pink to black – it would be hard not to find “the one”. Pearl wedding jewelry is the all-time classy alternative to gemstone jewelry. The tradition of wearing pearls on the wedding day goes back to ancient Greece, where they were seen as a symbol of marital harmony. Today, people all across the globe still pick pearls as their lucky charm.


Necklaces will never grow old. You may not be into earrings, and you may feel like they are too much to add to your already sophisticated outfit, but a thin necklace will always look lovely on everyone. A pearl necklace is perfect for wedding dresses with straps or sleeves.

If you dare to show more skin by going for a strapless gown, then you can afford to go big on the necklace. Choose a fun design to match the excitement brought on by the big day. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the party.

Necklaces, however, do not work well with asymmetric dresses. In this case, invest in a pair of spectacular earrings instead, and keep everything else on the low.


Most brides choose to wear their hair up. Up-dos automatically illuminate your face and draw the attention to your facial features. Don’t underestimate the role of earrings in framing your face. Adding pearl earrings to the mix is just the missing piece to your wedding puzzle.

Make the white of the dress really pop by opting for a pair of pink pearl earrings fit for a princess. Is your dress colored? Great, then white pearls will complement your gown perfectly. Try to balance your look by buying small, delicate earrings if your dress already features intricate details. Consequently, a simple gown demands a more sophisticated design.


Bracelets usually get left on the side, while necklaces and earrings get to shine in the spotlight. However, a pearl bracelet will make your wedding photos look fabulous. Taking pictures while cutting the cake or getting close-ups of you and your husband holding hands when your wrist is beautifully embraced by an elegant piece of jewelry will be a nice touch.

If you want to keep it simple, a single string of pearls will still add that little extra to your outfit. But if you have an eye for vintage jewelry, a double or a triple-strand bracelet with Baroque detailing will make you look like a duchess.

Shoulder Necklace

Have you chosen a strapless wedding gown? We’ve got just the thing for you. Dare to be unconventional and awe your guest by wearing a gorgeous shoulder necklace. There are no rules to choosing your accessories, as long as you pick tastefully. Choose a delicate one because this is a statement piece on its own. Less is more, and a few chains are enough to make you stand out in the crowd. Pair your shoulder necklace with pearl earrings and you will look like a queen. Crowns are so yesterday, anyway.

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Always Remain True to Your Style

Are you a pearl or a gem bride? In the end, whatever jewelry you choose for the most memorable day of your life, be sure it suits your personality. Don’t cover yourself up in shiny rocks if your style is more laid-back. More so, the more embellished your wedding dress is, the simpler your pearl wedding jewelry should be. Don’t overthink your decision, and always choose a statement piece that expresses the inner you.