Traditional Accessories Are Always In Style

Something Blue Bridal Garter in Hand-Dyed Silk

It’s easy to follow trends because every wedding magazine and top wedding blog features what’s in style today. But 10 years from now, your wedding photos could look outdated if you only followed the trends when planning your wedding. Remember your parent’s photo album or Princess Diana’s 80s wedding gown?

So what’s the best way to avoid this trendy trap? Stick with classic bridal accessories, such as pearl bridal jewelry, traditional bridal garters, white or ivory wedding shoes, a classic veil, a timeless gown. . . You get the idea, right?

While adding a few popular fads into your wedding affair or bridal ensemble – whether it’s the Pantone color of the year, a feather fascinator, colored wedding gown or shoes, or whimsical detail – going too far in one direction could lead you down the path of over-the-top trendy.

Balance is key. Just like a well-designed home interior or beautifully landscaped yard, a combination of elements lends itself toward an aesthetically pleasing, timeless design. So if you love the current fad or want to have a “themed” wedding, a hint here and there will do!

We’ve featured only a few of the traditional bridal accessories and classic wedding accessories available at Advantage Bridal. Even if you’re having a  DIY wedding, non-traditional wedding or want to stand out from the crowd, consider a few classic accessories that will tie it all together and will always be in style. Who knows, maybe your future daughter might want to use something special from your wedding day!

Pearl bridal jewelry works with any bridal style
Traditional Lace Edge Fingertip Veil by Erika Koesler
Handmade Lace Wedding Garter Set
Wedding Ballet Flats
White Peep Toe Wedding Shoes
Gorgeous Rhinestone Bride Tiara
Rhinestone Vintage Style Wedding Bracelet

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