Water-Inspired, Aqua Bridesmaids Gowns

These gowns would float down a springtime or summertime aisle with ease. Water-inspired, dipped in aqua shades, these bridesmaids dresses have a beautiful tone and plenty of versatile shapes.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesVersatile and breezy, this gown can walk down a garden aisle or be on the dance floor at the most formal of affairs.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThis pinch of black accent on this aqua dress gives it a very dramatic and modern look.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesSweet and simple with a lacey detail, this dress would be perfect for a country club wedding or morning-time celebration.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesHere’s another gown that can be fit for an outdoor ceremony or more formal vision.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesContemporary and chic, this water-colored gown works perfectly for a more fashion-forward and posh celebration.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesYour ladies in waiting will love to celebrate in this perfect little party dress, don’t you think?

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesEven though this gown is shorter, it’s got a sweet A-line shape that works on a variety of body types.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesHere’s another style that fits a variety of themes, but this particular shade of aqua will fit a variety of skin tones as well.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThe most water-inspired of the bunch, this ombre gown is an absolute show-stopper.

Aqua Bridesmaids DressesThe simplicity and cleanliness of this dress is perfect for those that like to style and accessorize a it outside-the-box.


photos via Brides