My Search For Perfect Mother of The Groom Dresses

mother of groom dresses
mother of the groom dresses

As you may know, if you’ve been following my reviews, my son was married recently and I’m documenting the how’s and who’s of our wedding planning process. One of the most daunting tasks — my search for the prefect mother of the groom dress!

mother of groom dress

Why do the mother’s find dress shopping for their children’s weddings so intimidating? I can’t speak for all mother’s, but this mother hates to be in the spotlight. Always have, really. Even at my own wedding! I was pretty sure this time would be no different, especially since a few years passed (and maybe a few pounds added!) since I was a bride with all eyes on me. Also, I wanted my son to be proud of his mom.  I’m documenting the steps I took so that maybe some other moms out there can learn from my mistakes and triumphs;  perhaps gaining some insight into mother of the groom dress shopping.

mother of the groom dress

I began by searching through our Top Wedding Dress providers with every intention of buying online. The choices and prices you’ll find with online wedding attire shops can be terrific – if you know your size and the style that looks best on your figure. Since it had been years since I purchased a formal dress, and a recent medical condition altered my body type somewhat, I really felt as though I needed to try on some dresses before buying. After all, these mother of the groom dresses can be pricey and some shops have a no return policy.

mother of groom dresses

Wedding and Mother of the Groom Dress Buying Tips:

  • Always be sure to check the store’s return/exchange policy before making any purchase (both online and in your local bridal salon).
  • If you’re shopping a local bridal salon have a look at their contract too.
  • Use a credit card to help secure your purchase. The card company might help resolve disputes.
  • Make sure you can contact the seller easily by telephone. E-mail isn’t always reliable.
mother of the groom dresses

Next issue: shopping. I k now, what woman has an issue with shopping, right? How could that possibly be a problem you say? We moved last year and I found myself in unfamiliar shopping territory. And, if you’re not living in or nearby a major city, there could be a shortage of options (another great reason to shop online). I asked my hairstylist for some store suggestions and made a note of stores from our list of top local bridal salons too. Armed with my list, and a really good friend, we set out to shop.

Mother of the Groom Dress Shopping Advice

  • Wear a strapless bra or the sort of underwear you might wear for a formal occasion.
  • Bring along a pair of strappy high heels so you’ll get the whole picture.
  • Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup too – you’ll be looking at yourself a lot that day!
Bridal Salon in Mechanicsburg PA
Taylored For You Bridal Salon Owner: Taylor and Her Mom

We visited a few stores that day but came up empty. No, I’m really not hard to please, but the wedding was an informal daytime event and all I was seeing was a selection of evening dresses, long and with a ton of bling. Not for me and surely not appropriate. The air was let out of my sails. But I still had several months, no worries. Then one day when driving to my office I noticed a little bridal shop and decided to “stop in” just to see what they had. Was I happy I did! What seemed like a small store from the outside, actually was a really cute  bridal salon, Taylored By You Bridal. I was personally greeted by the owner, Taylor. And even though I had no appointment (though, really, I was just looking to see if they had anything that might interest me and then I would have made a date to come back) and Taylor and her assistant were already working with other customers, she kindly directed me to the mother’s dress area. I was pleasantly surprised, both by the selection and by the service. No snobbery or pretense here. Just a great selection of dresses and ladies who are naturally friendly and helpful! They attended to me that very day, gently guiding me toward their professional opinion of what dresses might flatter me. Truth be told, they showed me some dresses I’d never have chosen and nicely suggested that I humor them and just try them on. I did, and after trying what seemed to be hundreds of dresses (probably more like 10 – heh) I actually bought the very first one I tried. On a whim that day, I found THE dress.

MOG dress front
MOG Dress Front View
MOG dress back
MOG Dress Back View
Jasmine MOG Dress in Cranberry

I chose Cranberry after asking the bride, groom and a bunch of others for their opinion. Now, even though I knew mothers really shouldn’t wear red, (really, no one should wear red to a wedding since it’s viewed as trying to draw attention from the bride), this “red” was muted and was approved by the bride.

I knew I was going to lose a substantial amount of weight before the wedding since I had already lost some and was working out about 5 times a week. But Taylor suggested I order my true size since you can always make a dress smaller.  I ended up one whole dress size smaller and when I tried it on, honestly, I was worried. Taylor seemed really cool about it, though, and began the process of making the alterations. On this dress in particular, there was a lot of work. Taylor worked on it until it fit me like a glove and she did it with a smile that never quit.  She’s got the patience of a saint, I swear, because there were a few times of panic on my part. Taylor had such confidence that I guess it seeped into me and I became relaxed. She was 100% correct. The dress got a ton of compliments and I really loved wearing it. Plus, because of the length, I think I could get another wear out of it if there’s a formal occasion in my future. I Do have a daughter of marrying age!

Sadly, Jasmine Bridal has discontinued this dress style. Who knows why – maybe it was a little too trendy? {shrug} Who cares – I loved it! But they have many other nice choices and I’d recommend their dresses highly. Mine was really well made and the fabric, zipper, clasps and beading seemed to be of superior quality. This dress feel into the average price category, as per my shopping research. This was a very good experience all the way around.