Q: “How much should I pay for my wedding appearance?”

Everybody knows that as far as weddings are concerned costs are very high. Why? Well, because everyone desires only the best for his/her wedding day and thus people tend to throw caution to the wind and spend a lot for this occasion. But if you can not afford this luxury I bet you would like to learn more about the budget that a bride requires in order to look great.

The most important element is of course your wedding gown. As you probably know, the wedding dress is very expensive, especially if you want one made by a designer. In this case such a gown has prices between $1000 and $3000, depending on the fabric, design and style. If you believe that this is too expensive then you could buy a beautiful dress from a local store or possibly even rent your dress to save some money. Rental costs can range from $300+.

So, to sum up brides will pay $2000 just for their luxurious wedding accessories. I know that it may seem a lot for you, but keep in mind that little details are the ones that make the difference.

The last thing that you will have to sort out is represented by your makeup and hairstyle. This point is always variable because there are some brides who pay for these services and others that have talented friends or others who are skilled themselves. Anyway, if you decide to pay for this, you should know that your makeup could cost you around $200. As for your wedding hairstyle it is about $100, so these being said your appearance could be embellished for just $300. However, you should know that this price varies from one makeup artist and hairdresser to another.

Costs can range from inexpensive to extremely costly depending on how much you want to spoil yourself.