Bridesmaid Dress Rentals Made Easy with Union Station

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Brides, we know that outfitting your bridesmaids is one of the hardest tasks of the entire wedding-planning process. You wonder, which color will look the best? Which style will be the most flattering for all body types? How will my bridesmaids who live far away get their dresses? So many questions. Relax! Bridesmaid dress rental service Union Station (US) has the answers.

How does it work?


1. To guarantee any dress in US’ collection, you’ll need to plan a three-month lead time. If not, they can still make it work for you, but your choices will depend on what’s in stock.

2. Browse the website and check out colors and dress styles. Then, order up to three free fabric swatches!

3. After you pick the dress and/or color you love, simply register your wedding party. US will take it from there to make sure each maid orders in time and gets the size she needs.

{Brides, your work is done}


1. US will email you to discuss fit, color, style and everything else pertaining to your dress rental.

2. If you decided to purchase your dress, you’ll get it in 8-10 weeks. If you rented, you’ll get your dress — and GET THIS — a free backup size dress two weeks prior to the wedding. If you’ve ever been involved in planning a wedding, having a plan B = stress-free success.

3. Post-wedding: If you rented your dress, mail both sizes back in the pre-paid packaging included in your shipment. And no need to dry clean — US will handle it.

How easy was that?

For more information, visit Union Station’s site. Happy dress hunting!