Steps to follow in wedding planning after the engagement

You’re happy, he just proposed to you and now you’re still under those emotions and feelings that surround such an important event like this one. Well, take a deep breath; because you are just at the beginning, it still remains for you to organize the wedding and make sure that everything happens accordingly to how you dream. Of course, there can be lots of problems and issues encountered on the way of realizing such a grand event, but believe us, if you stick together, there will be no problems in the future time!
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We have prepared some essential steps that need to be respected and taken into account when it comes to wedding planning, these are step by step things and you totally need to read them, maybe you calm yourself a little bit.

So, take a moment and observe just how many decisions you need to take and also you shouldn’t get overwhelmed of all the feelings and the pressure that surrounds such a grand event.

steps to follow in wedding planning after the engagementCredit
Steps to follow in wedding planning after the engagement

You need, first of all, to decide how much your engagement is going to last, because in this time of engagement you have to occupy yourself of all that means wedding planning and the different procedures you need to do.

So, a normal engagement will last from six months to maximum a year and a half and for this matter you have to establish very well the wedding date and whenever you decide for it to take place.

The next thing that needs to be done in the wedding planning procedure is to establish the place in which the wedding reception will take place. Have a discussion with your fiancé and start searching for wedding venues as soon as possible, because if you have a particular preference for the spot and it’s between the most popular in town, you might have some surprises which are unpleasant – you can find out that these are rented for a period of two years and this isn’t convenient, you know?

Although you might want a grand wedding with hundreds of persons invited, you need to establish from the very beginning just how much your wedding budget will be. Be true with yourself and your pocket and according to how much money you have available you can establish the period of the year in which the wedding will take part, as well as the place….

Getting back to the wedding date, we think that you need to think seriously of it, because it will turn out to be more difficult for choosing it than you think. When you make this decision, you have to take into account several aspects. Some of the aspects include the duration of the preparations of your wedding, if there is a child that you have to get birth to, the availability of the wedding reception salon and the period of the year. So, this means that you have to make a list and see when all of these blend together into permitting you to make the wedding day.

Make sure you set the date appropriately and after you do this, make sure that you start doing the checklist of the things that you need to prepare and take care of.

Your engagement needs to be announced, everybody has to know about it! For this matter, you can use different social sites and blogs; these will turn out to be more than useful.

After you have done what we have mentioned, make sure that you choose the guests and start making the wedding invitations, of course if you know for certain the date and the space in which it is going to take place. And speaking of the place of the wedding reception, we have to emphasize the fact that depending on how big it is, you have to make sure that there’s enough space for the number on which you have decided!

If you know that you afford a wedding planner, then we don’t see why you shouldn’t apply for one. Just share with him/her the ideas that you have and after, you’ll see just how easy everything is! Besides the fact that they will make sure everything goes according to plan, there’s also the look of the entire wedding, which will be absolutely fine and you get rid of the stress and all the negative energy.

After you have planned everything down to the tiniest detail and you have arranged with the venues and vendors, we don’t see why you shouldn’t continue with browsing for the perfect bridal gown.