10 Extra-Adorable Save-The-Date Cards

Check out 10 of the most adorable, charming save-the-date cards full of stylish appeal and traditional accents! From sweet to unique, here are a quick view of some of our favorites.

2b0f14af762239c8c6bd3208af7973ccHere’s a unique way to announce the date with a bit of seasonal flair in mind – a part from the popular pumpkin trend.

27e0a663b5bf2f74aae696f058780353Handmade and simple, this fingerprint piece is a sweet way to send off reminders to your family and friends.

91f0f294bea71741d33045f417867791A library card filled with memorable moment’s throughout the couple’s life … this is personalized and adorable.

277a0894105416d3f00e7aafb551819bThis handmade beauty is full of stunning calligraphy and colorful art – perfect for a springtime affair!

69891c0c5289a5e77258125ed7036a04A mini calendar and personalized stickers for each of your guests, this couldn’t be anymore thoughtful or functional!

c32bc1339ff401b604e88ed057da55ddOr, theme your Save-the-Dates around the day’s events. Your garden-themed wedding can be shown off in the announcements!

db46cf833dd24febae13b55aac658fdbHere’s another delicate look that’s outside-the-norm from the usual save-the-dates we’re all so used to seeing in the mail.

ed24a332f2ccc2ef6914f89669387588And this calendar design is a bit modern, full of sparkle and contemporary chicness – your guests may even use it as a bookmark and serve as a constant reminder.

fe006378fcd08eab7b7764a2fb76393aSend them off as postcards instead of hidden inside envelopes! They can still be full of style, like these Victorian-inspired designs!


Incorporate the location when announcing the date you’ll be saying, “I do,” it can make for a sweet, personalized way to remind everyone.

photos via Pinterest