Hiring a Great DJ For Your Upcoming Wedding


Planning a wedding, while exciting, can also be extremely stressful and overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, ranging from catering service to entertainment and beyond. Many people hire DJs to provide entertainment and music for their big day. If you want to hire a great DJ for your wedding, you should be very careful and diligent. The last thing you want to do is hire an inexperienced DJ who has no idea how to make your wedding the fun, enjoyable and memorable experience it’s supposed to be. Sophia from Hiresquare has recently been through the process of hiring a DJ for her wedding and shares some tips with us.

Get a Referral From Friends

Ask reliable people you know for strong recommendations. Chances are you know a few people who have had or who have been to weddings before. If they’ve had DJs work their weddings or seen a great DJ at somebody else’s wedding, ask them how their experiences were. If they rave about their DJs, get their contact information. When you’re planning a wedding and want everything to go smoothly, nothing beats the confidence of a personal recommendation. If possible, try to ask for recommendations from people who have similar musical preferences to you. Although many wedding DJs spin all kinds of tunes, some have their own niches, whether classic rock, modern pop, R&B or anything else.

Meet Face To Face

You should always make an appointment to meet the DJ face-to-face before agreeing to hire him or her for your wedding. Meeting someone in person can give you a good idea about his or her work style. You want to make sure in advance that the wedding DJ you hire is responsible and professional, after all. A meeting can provide you with some helpful clues, too. If the DJ shows up to your meeting early or on time and is polite and accommodating, then you know you’ve probably got someone great on your hands. If he or she is late, flaky and seemingly off in outer space for the duration of your entire meeting, then you know to probably look elsewhere. When you meet prospective DJs, you should find out about their experience levels, too. Find out how long they’ve been in the business. Find out the average number of weddings they work annually, as well. Knowledge truly is power! It is important that you feel confident and get a good feel for the person.

Have Examples Ready Of The Type of Music You Would Like To Hear

Discuss the type of music you want to be played at your wedding. Don’t forget, it is YOUR wedding, and thus you should be able to request what you want. If you don’t be clear about what you want, chances are the DJ will go off and play his own favorite tunes. Give the DJ examples of songs that you would like to hear so he/she knows what you are after and whether this is the type of music he/she will and can play. You can also ask the DJ to come up with some examples/provide a playlist of his own to get an idea of their portfolio. Also deliberate whether it is possible for the audience to requests songs once the party has started.

Can I Use The Mic?

Enquire if the DJ has a mic you can use. Quite often somebody has a speech prepared and wants to address the audience. If a DJ has a mic that you can use, this could save someone a lot of shouting. It is advisable to make sure there is a certain time slot where people can get up and use the mic and discuss this with the DJ so he/she is made aware of this.

Make a Formal Arrangement

If you meet a potential wedding DJ and determine that he or she is a contender, you should take the opportunity to ask about important details such as written contracts. The last thing you want, is get a no-show at the day of your wedding or unpleasant payment surprises. If a DJ has a written contract available, that’s often a good indication that he’s a consummate professional. It’s also often a good indication that he’s dependable and honest. Discuss terms of payments. It is okay to make a small down payment upfront, to give the DJ some security that you are serious to go ahead with him/her, but don’t pay the full fee until the service has been delivered.