2012 Top Wedding Reality TV Shows

In the day and age where Jersey Shore draws a bigger audience than the Republican presidential debate, it’s no surprise that you’ll find close to a dozen wedding-themed reality TV shows in your cable.tv guide. However, not all wedding shows are created equal. If you’re participating in an upcoming nuptial or you’re just a fan of good ol’ reality TV, the following wedding shows are the cream of the crop:

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

David Tutera has been endowed with the special ability to plan the perfect wedding. In this hour-long WE tv reality show, you get the privilege of watching Tutera, named the “Best Celebrity Wedding Planner” by Life & Style Magazine, work his magic. Throughout each episode, Tutera swoops in and helps a lucky woman plan their “dream wedding.” To add an element of drama to the show, the wedding date is usually only a few weeks away, giving him a very short amount of time to apply his craft. Nonetheless, the result is always a happy one for the thankful bride.

After watching Tutera transform a few weddings, it’s easy to see why he’s the best wedding planner in the biz. Some of his ideas may even serve as inspiration for your wedding day.

A Wedding Story

If you’re a fan of sweet, sappy romance, you’ll surely love A Wedding Story. This TLC reality show follows around a soon-to-be married couple as they plan their big day. To its credit, the show – which airs every weekday – doesn’t just stick to your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter couple. It features people of all different shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life.

You won’t find any twists, turns or “oh my goodness” moments in the show, but it may just bring a tear to your eye.

Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress follows all the goings-on at Kleinfield Bridal in New York City. This 30-minute TLC reality series recounts brides in their missions to find the perfect wedding dress. In essence, the “perfect dress” is supposed to help a bride overcome any number of obstacles, which range from body image struggles to disapproval from friends and family. For soon-to-be brides, this show can also serve as a virtual way to shop for the right dress.

The success of the original SYTTD led to the equally entertaining Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, which follows the events at Bridals by Lori in suburban Atlanta.

If you’re a fan of fashion and makeover shows, you’ll certainly get a kick out of Say Yes to the Dress.

What’s your favorite wedding reality show?