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Question to Ask Wedding Planner

Meeting With Destination Wedding Planner. Need Some Questions.

I have to meet with the wedding planner / coordinators at the resort we picked for our destination wedding. My wedding is in May and I am just getting organized. I have a meeting with them next week. I should be more prepped with questions. But I am naively depending on them. Do you, by chance, have a list of questions I should be asking a destination wedding planner?

Thanks for your help SOOOO much!

Florida Wedding Planner

Hello Jessica. I’m not sure what you’ve discussed with the planner thus far but you should definitely go over the timeline with him/her (especially reviewing each event that you will be having during you stay), review your vendors and ensuring that they have their contact information, you’ll need to select your menu items or have them send you a list of their items, and review everything that the hotel is supplying you so that there are no surprises. If you haven’t already done so, you should request a room list for your guests this way you can contact anyone who said they were coming but hotel has no information for. Good luck!

The previous answer does sum up what you’ll want to review. While I have a more advanced list of questions available it isn’t something I can just copy and paste, since they are specific questions for my style of planning. However, I can give you a few areas to be sure to focus on.

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Ohio Wedding Planner

  • Who is running the ceremony?
  • What order will people walk don the aisle?
  • How will the ceremony begin?
  • Music? Who handles the cues for the music?
  • Will there be a sound system for the ceremony?
  • Where will you go when the ceremony ends?
  • What time will the reception start after the ceremony? If there is a gap in time, what will your guests do?

Obviously things like the menu, timeline, dances and other formalities are going to be included in the reception but that list is pretty long. Hopefully your planner on-site has some of these answers available. Any good planner will!

Weddings Unlimited

Your best option is to have a planner state side who can be the go-between, helping you with the details. Even taking the planner along is a great idea. If you are choosing to depend just on the resort planner, it is always good to question everything that you think you might need and get it in writing. Some questions that may help you get started are:

  • Time of day for ceremony and reception.
  • How many other weddings will take place at the same time?
  • How many photos will you receive from the resort photographer and are you allowed to bring your own?
  • Will you have a choice to marry on the beach or elsewhere on the property?
  • Can your package be customized? Example: can you upgrade to “butler service”without the entire package?
  • Flowers from location or bring your own?
  • Can favors brought into the country?

I am sure you will think of many more questions once you set your mind around this.

Wedding Queen

I think it’s important to have everything in writing, so be sure to save all emails and get a contract in place. Get organized with our Destination Wedding Timeline. Have a fun and safe trip.