What You Need To Know Before Getting Married Abroad

Getting married is a huge, exciting feat in itself, but what if you decide to tie the knot abroad instead? It’s a whole new level of excitement, right? Well, only if you manage to plan the event successfully before it actually starts! As all happy couples will know, planning a wedding can be a very stressful process, as there are hundreds (and seemingly thousands) of things that you need to consider beforehand, so you can imagine how manic this can become when deciding to marry in a far off country! For a start, when wedding in Europe, it would be wise to apply for your European Health Insurance Card, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Check & Compare Currencies

While some of you may have your heart set on an exact location already, others should definitely shop for the stronger currency. With Brexit throwing all travel elements in the air, the pound is currently weak against several other currencies, whereas others remain pretty indifferent. From Venice in Europe to St Lucia in the Caribbean, there are so many stunning locations out there just ready for you! There are many different Forex companies out there who will be more than happy to offer you quotes based on money transfers, although of course if you wish to save a few more pennies (weddings aren’t cheap), then feel free to shop yourself!

Hand Out ‘Save The Date’s’ ASAP!

One of the reasons as to why weddings are so special is having your loved ones there to watch you on the best day of your life, but having a wedding abroad makes this a lot more difficult for couples. It’s always best to send out your wedding invitations well in advance to allow your guests to make spaces in their diaries. Imagine how gutting it would be if your mother couldn’t make your own wedding, purely because she didn’t have the time to book the date off of work or reschedule any other commitments? Prevent this from happening by ensuring that everyone is well aware of your wedding abroad months before it’s actually due to happen! This way, everyone is happy.

Choose An Appropriate Dress

Chances are, you’ll be selecting a wedding location that’s rather partial to the sun, as after all, who doesn’t love a tropical beach wedding? Therefore, selecting a dress appropriate for the weather is crucial! For example, you may have grown up absolutely in love with a mermaid cut wedding dress, but when in scorching, 30oC+ weather, you might find yourself suffocating under the heat. In this situation, it may be worth opting for something a little more breathable – corset dresses are a huge no. Something light and delicate should be in order. Plus, giant, sparkling heels might not fare well for such sandy terrain, so pumps are probably the better option here. It’s all about ensuring that you’re comfortable at your own wedding, otherwise, you may struggle to properly enjoy yourself!

Book Your Tickets In Your Maiden Name

We all know – marriage is extremely elating, and you’ll get to share your surname with the best person in the entire world, but let’s not get too excited yet. When booking your flight tickets, you must ensure that you book them in your maiden name, otherwise, you’ll be unable to board the flight due to the difference in surnames from your tickets and your passport. Unless you’ve legally changed your surname before the wedding abroad, booking tickets in your maiden name will ensure zero stress on the countdown to your special day!

Ultimately, while a wedding is the most magical expression of love between two people, you’ll equally want to ensure that everyone at the wedding, including the guests and yourself, are as comfortable as people. Nobody likes to feel stressed when planning their big day, especially when overseas, so always ensure that you take the right steps leading up to your wedding abroad, and we’ll guarantee that it’ll be a special one.