A Marriage of the Miles: Destination Wedding Planning Tips From Real People

A destination wedding is a great way to have a unique and personal wedding day with just you and your spouse and perhaps a few close family members. It’s less stressful than planning a wedding at home and you get to combine your wedding with your honeymoon. Here are some destination wedding tips from those who have been there, so you don’t have to learn by your own mistakes.

Save on Your Wedding Dress

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look gorgeous on your big day. A preowned wedding dress can save you lots of money. Preowned gowns are designer-label wedding dresses that have been worn once or not worn at all (because the bride chose a different dress). They are in excellent condition and if you shop around you’ll be able to find all different styles from vintage to modern. You can save up to 60 percent on designer labels when you buy pre-owned. If you want to find out more, check out preownedweddingdresses.com.

Get the Timing Right

Watch out because the best weather in favorite destination spots coincides with the tourist season. If you’re hoping to get married on a secluded beach, you don’t want to be crowded out by sunbathers. You’ll also have a trickier time getting hotel rooms and venue availabilities. If you are going to marry during peak season, book at least ten months in advance, and book hotel blocks if you’re expecting a lot of guests. You can save yourself and your guests a lot of money and have a little more privacy if you book just after the peak season.

Take a Pre-wedding Visit

If you have the time and you can afford it, experts highly recommend that you visit the location at least once before your wedding, so you know exactly what to expect. This will give you a chance to check out ceremony and reception venues, hotels and local vendors. You can also scout out local salons and activities for guests.

Find Out Local Marriage Requirements

Not all countries have the same legal requirements for marriage, so make sure you do your research before you start planning. Some countries have what’s known as a residency requirement, which means you must live there for a length of time before your wedding. For example, in France it’s 40 days, in England it’s seven days, in the Turks and Caicos Island it’s just 24 hours.

Make your destination wedding seamless by following these easy tips. Don’t forget to enlist help at home and at your destination spot, but remember that some cultures, particularly in the islands, live their lives at a slower pace than you may, so don’t expect everything to come to fruition immediately. Give yourself plenty of time and be patient. Before you know it, you and your spouse-to-be will be jetting off into the sunset for your very special day.

Eleanor Leach had her own fairy tale wedding last year. After the wedding she was constantly approached for wedding advice, so she decided to start writing about it. She currently works from home and is also looking into wedding planning opportunities for employment.