dream wedding body
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Fun Ways To Get In Shape & Build Your Dream Wedding Body

dream wedding body
photo credit: Edson Hong via photopin cc

Fun ways to get in shape for your dream wedding body

So you’re getting married! Once you have gotten over the initial excitement and the real planning takes hold (hmm – we’re guessing you are going to be busy the next couple of months!), a top priority for many brides is going to be getting in shape to look the absolute best for their big day.

Whether or not you have the dress yet, it will fit better on a healthy and toned body, and it is advisable to think about how to do this sooner rather than later to avoid any last minute ‘panic diets’ which can take their toll on your physical and emotional health – at a time when you are likely to be quite stressed from the wedding planning in any case!

There is really no trick to it – a healthy, balanced diet combined with exercise will be the best way to a healthy you, and (if you want to that is) shed some pounds. It will also be the key to stay on top mental form and keeping a sharp, clear mind for all that wedding organizing!

Staying in shape needn’t be a chore, or take up too much time and energy – in fact, regular exercise is one of the best ways to give you more energy and ‘get up and go’. Exercise can easily fit in and around the nooks and crannies of your life, and if you do it regularly, you’ll feel so much better that you’ll start to look forward to your daily workout!

Here are two of the most simple and fun ways to get in shape and achieve that dream wedding body!

Home-exercise DVDs

Don’t laugh, but the world of at-home exercise DVDs isn’t confined to the Jane Fonda workouts of yesteryear. There are now a host of highly popular options available which focus on different body parts if wished, with a combination of cardio and strength routines which will allow you to see results in minimum time. British TV favourite Davina McCallhas some highly successful workout DVDs on the market, while US fitness guru Jillian Michaels has a host of fast and furious ‘circuit-style’ workouts which will leave you toned and gasping for breath! The best thing about these is that they require no gym membership (so you can save your pennies for the big day!) and you can fit them neatly into your routine at home without trekking to the gym.


Dancing is certainly an amazing way to keep a body toned – just take a look at the super-toned stars of the most recent series of Strictly Come Dancing! It might be a good option for you and your partner also to take joint dance classes in preparation for your first dance, something more and more people are opting in for to make a big impression on that first walk out to the dancefloor as a married couple. Zumba is fantastic fun and is becoming more popular with classes springing up all over the country. Other options might be – Argentinian tango, salsa lessons or even samba for some fiesty Latino flavour! Get kitted out in advance with the right move dancewear and supportive shoes – your feet will thank you for it in the long run.

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