June Wedding? Don’t Forget the Moms

If you’re planning a June wedding, you are already up to your bouquet in problems and decisions. But, you never want to forget the Mother of the Bride and of the Groom.

They often feel left out of the decision making, but they do have minds of their own. So, once you’ve chosen your gown and worked with your party on custom bridesmaid dresses by Azazie, it’s time to spend some time with the moms.

Let them have their say.

When brides think of their “big day,” they often forget it’s the mom’s’ big day, too. It’s their children who are making their vows.

They want to respect your wishes, but they want to make statements of their own. For example, you’ll rarely find the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom selecting the same style or color. You know there is going to be some rivalry there.

The bride and groom must remember their respective mothers also have a lot on their minds. It’s an emotional trip for them, too, and it can be a huge ordeal. By the time the wedding comes, they are ready to consider an Ocean City resort vacation as the happy couple.

But, WJOnline says, “we firmly believe that NO mother of the bride or groom should ever have to compromise her look … with a boundless variety of outfits and styles available.”

So, your job is to bring them into the decision making and give them room to make their own choices, perhaps, from a select line of colors and fit.

Try these on:

The Christina in navy or cabernet is a simple but elegant statement for country club or evening settings. Tea-length and A-line, it’s made of lightweight chiffon with beading at the shoulders. Available in 40 colors, it is custom fitted and delivered in 8-9 weeks.

Azazie Nola is smart, classic, and contemporary at the same time. Knee-length and fitted under a long-sleeved jacket. You can order in colors to complement bridal party, but in gold, this dress is a knockout

This one is very correct for the mature women who plans to host cocktails, dinner, and dancing. The belted taffeta sheath has an illusion tulle neckline with lace covered fitted bodice. Fitted taffeta jacket removes easily.
Azazie Lillianna is more conservative, formal, and elegant. It’s stunning in silver, and the image is perfect for after dark receptions. The floor length tulle silhouette has an A-line illusion neckline and back. The silver fabric features row after row of sparkling sequins on the fitted bodice. Three-quarter length sleeves in silver will stand out in black and silver theme.

You have to remember that many moms are quite young although they may seem mature to their children. Azazie Tess presents a youthful flair in knee-length pleated chiffon. Lace sleeves and a sequined bodice add fun to the loose empire lines. In ink blue or dark navy, the dress is meant for dancing.

Try for a team decision.

Wedding planning is strenuous and emotional. You can try to reduce some of your bridal stress by inviting the mothers of the bride and groom into the plan making. You have to expect some disagreement and some tension

Hopefully, they get along and have you and your groom’s interests at heart. If you can come to them with your color choice for flowers and bridesmaids, it should narrow their range of color decisions. And, you must admit they know what colors flatter them the most.

They are also the best judge of their body type, what they find comfortable, and how they wish to be seen. They’re not likely to steal attention from the bride, so encourage them to work it out themselves.

Emily Thomas, writing for Southern Living, reminds brides, “A little extra time spent loving on mama throughout your engagement and especially as she’s choosing her dress will go a long way to making it an incredible experience for everyone!”