The summer wedding themes

The summer wedding themes often make you think of so many things, from a wedding near the ocean’s shore to a simple and pretty wedding in the back yard of your own house. Summer offers many ideas for those who want to create a unique experience by holding a themed wedding and the easiest way to start is to analyze personal preferences.

Nature represents an important source of inspiration for a summer wedding theme. You can use shades of green in all floral arrangements and then integrate the color in all decorations used. Gardening, agriculture and rural elements can also be added to a wedding with this kind of theme that has elements inspired by nature. The most popular themes are beach themes and tropical themes.

Even if you do not live by the sea or ocean does not mean you do not have the right to organize a wedding with the theme based on the beach or the sand. You can wear a Hawaiian wedding dress, serve cake with pineapple flavor, play hula music at the dinner and offer flower wreath around the neck instead of gifts.

You can also use big, exotic flowers, organize a tiki bar at the reception and use palm trees as principal graphic elements. The most popular flower used for decoration are: roses, hyacinth, , calla, bachelor buttons, geraniums, foxglove, hollyhock, tiger lilies, daisies, poppies, sunflowers, lilies, carnations and pansies.

You can make a cake shaped like a sand castle to complete the theme. Scallops, art objects made of sand and tropical soaps, all are great ideas for gifts in any ocean themed wedding. Dolphins, starfish, coral and many other items can be included as a wedding theme, starting from the invitations to gifts. Use animal logo’s like: dolphins, parrots, iguanas. Don’t forget to play with the colors. Use bright and bold colors like hot pink, fuchsia, deep red or mango. Serve fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, tomatoes, berries, corn, cucumber and sea food.

To exploit the beauty of small details that offer a particular season is like creating a show in the middle of a scene. In the end, you must remember that summer wedding themes must be cheerful, bright, fresh and they must bring you a lot of happiness and joy. Free your imagination and play with the sun, the colors and create that romantic atmosphere you have always dreamed about.