2014 wedding trends
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Trendy 2014 Wedding Ideas That Will Capture Your Imagination

2014 wedding trends
photo credit: corrine klug via photopin cc

2014’s Trendy Wedding Ideas Sure to Capture Your Imagination

Your wedding day is a time for celebration and an expressive ceremony that shows off your personality. Traditional weddings are a thing of the past and most brides are jumping on new wedding trends that combine the old with the new. You can get a lot of inspiration for wedding ideas by simply browsing through Pinterest. The images will give you a visual idea that you can alter to add something brand new to your ceremony or reception. Finding the best wedding trends was not easy, but here are some if the most creative options. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different. You will be sure to make an impression on your wedding guests.

Natural Decor

Instead of opting for luxurious or over-the-top decor pieces, you can choose to create a more rustic vibe at your wedding. This trend is really affordable to pull off and there are so many directions that you can go with a rustic wedding theme. Some of the most creative rustic decor items include wooden church pews outside for a country feel or mason jars filled with beautiful flower arrangements. You can complete the rustic look with branches and lanterns arranged and hanging from the ceiling.

Classic and Romantic

Nothing emotes love and bliss quite like a vintage inspired wedding. This trend has been popular for many years and shows no real signs of slowing down. Classic decor on your wedding day is a great way show off your old fashioned style. You can incorporate family heirlooms to your ceremony that offer more personalization. A vintage inspired wedding dress or old fashioned picture frame motifs are the ideal way to go vintage and awe your guests. Classic style is pure and simple, but also the most appealing.

Turn Up The Volume

If you are a true diva it is best to go all out on your wedding day. The over-the-top approach to wedding decor is in high demand and many brides are willing to spare no expense to get the wedding day look that they desire. High drama is a growing wedding trend among brides that brings together both luxury and creativity in the best way. This wedding day style will have guests in awe and definitely turn some heads. Lighting is the best way to add drama to any setting, but it can’t be just any lighting. You need high powered lights and a lot of them. With elaborate center pieces and grand fireworks you can add drama by the loads.

Creative and Inspired

Your wedding day is the time to show off the real you. Opting to be traditional will only make your day more ordinary. The whimsical wedding trend is popular with brides, because it different and offers real insight into your personality. You can have a colorful wedding cake with a meaningful design or opt for a  usually stunning bouquet that stands out. With so many options you can’t go wrong.


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