wedding accesories
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3 Ways to Experiment with Traditional Bridal Accessories in 2014

wedding accesories
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It can be difficult to know how to move outside standard conventions of bridal beauty.  On one hand, you want to be the bride you know you can be – elegant and beautiful, with classic and traditional style.  On the other hand, you have a burning desire to push boundaries and try something new and innovative.  If this sounds like you, all you need to do is experiment.  Here are 3 ways to put a spin on traditional bridal accessories this coming year.

1 – Gatsby-Inspired Bridal Headband

Many brides take a traditional veil and leave it at that.  Although the veil is a classic wedding accessory, there’s no reason to stick with it if you have alternative head pieces in mind.  With the 1920s being so on-trend at the moment, 2014 might be a good time to revisit the Gatsby-inspired bridal headband, which ties the hair back, leaving your beautiful face exposed.  It retains the elegance and class of a veil, but does something unique with it – the best of both worlds.

2 – Floral Silver or White Gold Tiara

When it comes to your tiara, the traditional route that most brides take is that of the plain silver band, and although this is classy and special in its own right, it doesn’t do anything particularly out of the ordinary.  If you’d like to do something that’s slightly more inventive, you could consider trading the plain band for a more floral design which fits around the whole head.  Floral patterns became increasingly popular in 2013, and they’re set to become even more appealing in 2014, so if you’re looking for a trendy headpiece that’s stylish and a little bit alternative, this might be the way to go.

3 – The Right Watch

If you’re taking the classic bridal look, it’s likely that you’ll have very little or no jewellery on your arms, but a stylish watch could be just what you need to set yourself apart from other brides.  Many brides go with a small, dainty gold watch, but online sites like the British Watch Company have a large selection to choose from so you can find your ideal watch.  And if you’re used to wearing a watch usually, having one on your wrist for your wedding day might even help calm your nerves, as familiarity is a positive factor in a stressful environment.

So there you have it, 3 great ways to play around with traditional bridal accessories and make them you own.

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