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Contact Lenses For Weddings

As you plan your wedding day, there is no doubt that you will become slightly overwhelmed by the creative and visual aspects of preparation. You will need to figure out every little detail involved in what your wedding will look like, from the flower arrangements to the bride’s dress, and everything in between. This can absolutely be a bit stressful, but it is also an opportunity to have some fun and to really create a personal touch in your wedding ceremony. The most beautiful ceremonies are usually very carefully planned, and thought out in advance. But, to really make your wedding stand out, it might be the smallest details that make all of the difference.

One example of such a detail can actually be contact lenses. Typically, you would never think of contact lenses as related to design or even image necessarily, but there seem to be morebride with contacts and more ways to get creative with your eyes and style through choosing different contacts. This can be a great way to make people stand out at a wedding ceremony, whether it’s the bride or groom, or even the different wedding parties. Simply take a quick look at a contact lens provider like ACUVUE and you will quickly find a few options that might be appealing for your wedding ceremony.

Perhaps the best option if you simply want to use contact lenses to accent your eyes is the 1-Day Acuvue Define lens, which is specifically designed to emphasize the colour and brightness of your eyes. This can really make your eyes shine throughout your wedding day, which will be great at the time but also wonderful for the photos that you will look back on for the rest of your life. They’re also perfect because they are 1-Day disposables, which means that they are easy to use for single events like wedding ceremonies, if you don’t want to part from your ordinary contact lenses permanently.

Another option, if you really want to get creative, is coloured contact lenses, which can be used for a number of different purposes. Generally, it is probably a good idea not to change your own eyes as the bride or groom, because you want to look like yourself during the wedding, but that’s, of course, up to each individual couple. Where coloured contact lenses can really be of use for weddings is on the bridesmaids or groomsmen. This can simply be a fun design aspect of your wedding that helps the wedding parties’ members’ eyes to better match their attire, or achieve whatever other purpose you’re going for. It’s a perfect example of the kind of subtle touch that can give your wedding some extra appeal and personality.

Have you considered using contacts instead of eyeglasses at your wedding? Share your ideas and photos with us!