Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

Bridal Skin Care: Get it Glowing in Time for the Big Day


Beautiful, healthy and glowing skin is every bride’s fantasy when it comes to their big day. When it’s your time to walk down the aisle, the last thing you want to worry about are dry spots, red marks or an awful outbreak. That’s why it’s imperative to start a new and healthy skin regimen months out from the celebration. But don’t fret, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you get started and find out what works for you.

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

1. Change your diet.

Stay away from lots of processed foods and dive into fresh fruits. Watermelon and berries do not only help to hydrate your skin but replenish it too. Your skin yearns for water and foods high in water content are ideal. This will knock out any dullness you have quickly and efficiently. Also, drink lots and lots of water. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier and prettier it will become. And don’t forget your vitamins!

2. Be gentle.

Nix the washcloths, loofahs and face washes with “cleansing beads.” All of these are too abrasive and hurt your skin, especially those with sensitivity. You may think you’re washing away the dullness or dry skin, but in actuality you’re just creating redness and irritation. And, sometimes, too much rough-handling will cause breakage. Not to mention washcloths used over and over again carry bacteria – EW!

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

4. Make your own masks.

Blend together some ingredients and create your own face masks to enjoy a couple of times a week. Fresh avocados, strawberries, olive oil and oatmeal are just some of the best ingredients to have on your skin. Not only is this the most fun part of preparing but it leaves out all of the excess chemicals that you’ll be getting from store bought brands.

5. Think about a facial.

We suggest getting a facial, far in advance from the big day. Try one out to see how your skin takes to it and then come back for a second round 1-2 weeks before your date. Never decide to get a facial on the days leading up to your big debut, you don’t want a negative reaction happening too closely to the wedding. But this could be an excellent way to refresh and revive your skin!

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

6. Use your salt and sugars.

Find a salt or sugar scrub you enjoy to soften your elbows and to brighten your decolletage, arms and shoulders. This will remove any dead skin and create a smooth, sparkling finish to all of your areas that are highlighted by the wedding gown. Little piece of advice, make sure if you’re set on using salt scrub that you find brands that use “dead sea salt” – those are the best!

7. Moisturize.

Make sure you are moisturizing at least twice a day with a skin-specific moisturizer. Whether you’re oily, dry or a combination, find the one that suits you and continue to use it. Dry skin will not help your blushing, glowing vision when it comes to the pictures of your wedding day. And be sure you’re staying away from fragrant products, this will take out the hydration and cause breakouts.

Beautiful Bridal Skin Advice

8. Stay out of the sun.

Not only is too much sun cancer-causing but it increases your chance for sun spots and early wrinkles. It also dries up your skin, which is the exact opposite of what you’ll be trying to fight against throughout the months leading up to the big day. If you do plan on going out and getting a little color onto your skin, don’t leave home without your sunscreen!

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