5 Gorgeous DIY Wedding Hairstyles We Love

diy wedding hair

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You don’t need a professional to get hair that’s beautiful. You can create an eye-catching style on your own. These versatile looks deliver maximum impact but require minimum skill and are great inspiration for your wedding day hair. The hardest part is choosing just one for the big day.

diy wedding hair

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Many women are so accustomed to seeing elaborate hairstyles in wedding portraits that they can’t imagine doing their own hair for their wedding.  However, if you are already in the habit of styling your own hair, whether on a daily basis or when you go out in the evening, then chances are good that you can create a wedding hairstyle that will look good both for the wedding and in the portraits.

easy diy wedding hair

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As you are probably already aware, you need not have an elaborate updo to look good, even for your wedding.  A simple style that flatters your face, that stays together well (with plenty of hair spray, perhaps) and a few extra embellishments with, say, rhinestone barrettes, a tiara, or some ribbons in your wedding colors, will very likely work great, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself.

do it yourself wedding hair


However, don’t wait until the last minute to pick a style and put it together!  Ideally you should start practicing at least several months or weeks prior, trying out different updos, getting feedback from friends, and taking some practice pictures so you know how it will look in photos.  If your gown will be strapless, for example, then be sure to take sample pictures with your shoulders bare.  The more accustomed you are to doing the style, the easier it will be on your wedding day, when there will probably be a lot of stuff going on and you’ll be pretty distracted.

DIY wedding hairstyling

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You may also want to recruit a friend to help you.  A good friend who knows your personal style and who is also willing to provide you honest feedback is your best bet, and if she’s handy with a curling iron or flat iron, that won’t hurt either!

diy wedding hair styles

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Were you a DIY bride? Please share your wedding hair style photos and ideas.


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