Is Buying a Wedding Gown Online the Right Choice for You?

For the entire history of the weddings, brides were obliged to go to tailors and specialized shops to choose the perfect dress. is here to change the rules of the game.

The Master of European Craftsmanship

The use of the modern technology while remaining true to tradition is what makes up Sustaining our timeless European wedding tradition, we make sure to pay attention to every detail in the dress-making process to create the perfect wedding gowns. We work only with the most experienced European designers that update our collection of astonishing dresses regularly to guarantee that we meet and set global wedding trends. The decades of European wedding dress making tradition ensures that our dresses are of the finest quality made from the premium materials.

Sewn From Scratch Just For Your Special Day

Every bride desires her wedding dress to be one-of-a-kind, which is why we are the first ever European wedding dress company to offer you the custom-sized wedding gowns directly from the tailors to ensure that your dress fits you perfectly from the first try. Taking it beyond the cookie cutter and the standard size, our dresses are made from scratch to fit your measurements. has a team of the most skilled designers that bring you the perfect sized gown for your most special day.

All our gowns are not only customizable in terms of size, but to suit your desires even more can also be modified in terms of sleeve length, neckline, etc. Selected by you, and created from the ground up, our dresses come with customizable features that can be adjusted when selecting the gown of your dreams, whether you want a little extra on the train or want to show off the legs, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our wide choice and variety of the customizable options, your beauty will be accentuated instead of hidden. is a game-changer in the industry to say the least and that is why it offers you a large selection of exquisite designs and a team of tailors ready to make your gown unique.

Over 1,500 New Wedding Gowns From Europe Fashion Houses

Straight out of the designer’s sketchbook and everything you’ve ever dreamed of, boasting a wide collection of the newest and most exquisite designs. European bridal fashion at its finest where every connoisseur will find a dress upon her taste. Our fine selection of the best of bridal wear is not only regularly updated, but also has in-depth filters for you to narrow down your search for your dream gown.

We make sure that when you walk down that aisle, you walk with the utmost grace. Which is why our experienced team of designers works hard to bring you the hottest designs straight off the runway. Our collections are original and unique, stylish, and most importantly tweaked and sewn specifically for you.

Luxury European Bespoke Dresses for a Fraction of the Price

We cut out the supply chain mark-ups. Our gowns are sold all over the world in bridal boutiques, but thanks to our direct collaboration with dress-making factories, we offer you all the chic at a higher quality without a hefty boutique price tag.

Thanks to uniting Europe’s leading wedding dress manufacturers, we created a unique platform that offers you the widest range of designer premium quality gowns at a just price. On you can order your own luxury European designer wedding gowns for just a fraction of the retail price.

Outspoken Quality Without Compromises

A satisfied customer is our motto, which is why ensure that your wedding dress is the most fascinating and exclusive. We are more than sure of our quality that we ship all our dresses with a 24-month warranty.

To safeguard that your dress reaches you on time and in perfect state your delivery is handled by DHL Express to ensure reliability and on-time delivery of our products all over the world. We use premium packaging so your dress is snug and safe throughout its journey to you. Furthermore, our designer made boxes are great for rehearsal and un-boxing photos.

Tailored to fit you on your first try, and flawless in every way, our wedding gown is the ultimate way to make your walk down the aisle a walk of ultimate perfection.