Modifications brought to the bridal gowns

In many cases, the brides tend to ask for various modifications at the level of the bridal gown in the hope that they are going to transform the wedding gown into their dream one.

We find this approach suitable, but you have to know from the very beginning that the exaggerate modifications are going to only ruin the bridal gown and create the impression that you have cropped a bridal piece, not that you have actually bought it.
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In order to assure ourselves that you are not going to fail like other brides, we have thought that it would be a great idea to make a little list with the rules that you have to respect when you ask for modifications for the bridal gown.

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Bridal gown

In the last moment

You have to choose the bridal gown at least 6 months before the wedding, in order to make sure that the model gets in your hands in due time or it is finalized. The last touches have to be made in the proximity of your wedding. Brides loose weight due to the stress of wedding planning, so don’t modify the wedding dress before knowing for sure the final dimensions that you are going to have.

Preparing the accessories

Ask for modifications brought to the wedding dress after picking the bridal shoes that you are going to wear in the big day, as well as the bridal lingerie that you prefer. You can’t ask for shortening the bridal gown at the level of the ground if you’re going to wear high heel shoes, for example.

Also if you wear bra or a body you have to make sure that the wedding dress is going to permit you to have such an accessory on, because the persons who make the modifications are to create a bridal gown so tight, that nothing will be able to fit in.

modifications brought to the bridal gownsSource
Bridal gown

Do not change the model

It might happen that your designer has an elaborate idea about the structures and details – more interesting than you have. You have to admit that the design of a bridal gown means many hours of hard work spent over a sketch, so why not listen to the pieces of advice?!

This is why you don’t have to modify the bridal gown in such a manner as to change the cuts and model in itself. It’s better to search for the perfect wedding dress!