Vintage bridal gown effect

Vintage bridal gowns are the newest must have in the wedding dresses field. It seems that in the year that has just passed you weren’t considered trendy if you didn’t wear a wedding dress that had lace applications. In fact, this has been considered a must have in the latest years and it all started probably when Angeline Jolie wore a lace vintage wedding dress at her wedding.

Let’s recall Grace Kelly and her wedding dress at her wedding with the Prince Rainier of Monaco. What was she looking like? Or, more exactly let’s recall of the most effective model to be taken into account when it comes to vintage bridal gowns.
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She wore a bridal gown that has high necked, with long sleeves, a tight bodice and a wide skirt that was of silk taffeta, silk, tulle and lace of course. Besides this stunning model of wedding dress, she also had a bridal veil with a cap that had pearls. From this moment on, Grace Kelly becomes a trend setter when it comes to wedding dresses and all the women wanted to take her model of wedding dress and apply it to their own gown.

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Vintage bridal gown

Nowadays such wedding dresses are really fashionable and the most common models that you’re going to observed being taken into account are those that are made in a very relaxed manner and they’re less formal than they used to be.

It seems that every type of wedding gown has its own little piece of history and the same situation stays for the vintage bridal gowns. The main thing about wedding dresses in general back in time is the fact that they were worn by an important person in that period and the trend was set without even knowing.

We can consider that nowadays the things stay the same, as Angelina Jolie wore this kind of wedding dress in her big day and so the trend started to flood and it seems that we can’t get rid of the lace of fabric in fashion in general, not only at the level of the wedding dresses category.

vintage bridal gown Source
Vintage bridal gown

A vintage wedding dress will always confer you a special look and we’re certain that you’re aware of this matter. Just make sure that you ask the groom to accompany you in the way you’re dressed, as well….