Designer evening gowns

Night gowns are a good option when it comes to the wedding reception and we’re certain that you would like wearing such pieces of art, because we’ve chosen only the most interesting examples of designer evening gowns and these are definitely great looking.

We start with a blue long dress that is made in semi shiny fabric that looks as if it is wavy on your body. This one is designed in A-style and it has a waist line made of a piece of tiered fabric. Also, there are a lot of nice looking details on it, like pieces of tiered fabric that are placed on the shoulders and in the back side as well. It’s a simple, yet exquisite looking night gown and we’re certain that you’re going to end up looking just fine with it on.

designer night gowns

Here’s how we present to you another interesting looking model of designer evening gown and it’s divine looking as well. This one is made of two essential parts: the upper side consists of a glittery part with short sleeves and in silver glitter. From the waist line you can observe how the A-line style long skirt begins and it’s made of semi transparent fabric in grey. The upper side has a V-neckline and it highlights your chest and your visage in a gorgeous manner. Note! If you want to wear such a dress, you definitely don’t have to have big breasts because they will be highlighted too much and you’re going to end up looking really vulgar.

designer night gowns 2

We would like to offer you another great looking suggestion of designer evening gown, which is made in the similar tones as the one presented above. So, there’s this A-style long dress that is designed in the upper side of glittery and silvery details together with transparent fabric and with nice details on. So, there are also the short sleeves made of glittery details as well and you can see a small portion of the chest as well. as for the skirt, it begins just under the breasts and it’s long made of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric in grey tone! Quite some neat looking details if you ask us and we’re certain that you’re going to end up looking amazing with such a dress on.

designer night gowns 3

How about that? We’re sure that the models suggested here seem interesting enough to you and that in the future time you’re going to apply for at least one of these. This will definitely make us glad and we’re certain that you’re going to feel the happiest person of them all! Also, we highlight that these can be pretty expensive and that they’re taken from the Elie Saab fall collection from this year.