Money saving tips for the bridal gown

A bride spends a lot when it comes to the bridal gown, to which she will add the bridal shoes, the accessories, the veil and all such details in order to make the outfit complete. Gathering all of these details together, one can consider that in most of the cases the bride has dedicated for her an entire budget, without taking into account the wedding reception salon. Even if it isn’t normal for it to be in this way, because the bride will be the main center of attention of the entire event, we were thinking that it would a great idea to discover that you have succeeded to be somewhere under the programmed budget and have some extra money for spending in your honeymoon.
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So, here are some money saving tips that we’re sure you’re going to find pretty useful and apply for them as much as it’s possible….

In the situation of encountering yourself under the pressure of time, there are lots of temptations that are going to be ideal for having the ideal bridal gown. So, the earlier you start with browsing for the bridal gown, the more chances there are you encounter a nice balance between the price and quality. You have to take into account that for an imported bridal gown, sending the bridal gown can be made in about 4 months and for the further adjustments you have to add an extra time of one week. Any hurrying of the process can cost some extra money.

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Cheap wedding dress

When it comes to picking the bridal gown, we totally recommend you simple models without too many crystal or embroidery applications, because these accessories are going to make the price of the bridal gown higher. Also, the lace or natural silk cost extra much, while the satin ones are cheaper….

Few are the brides of whom the bridal gown looks on as if it’s meant for them from the first try. This is why the bridal stores are going to offer you some tailor services, in such a manner as the bridal gown is totally suitable for you. Some include the service of the total cost of the bridal gown, but others have separate prices for the resizing. Usually, shortening, resizing and the system of attaching the train are included in the price, whereas applying cups, sparkles or creating a bolero are paid separately.

The majority of the bridal shops offer discounts of 10 to 30% in the period of the wedding fairs at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year try to pay newsletters and stay on track for the diverse events that the bridal shops organize on their own: nights with price reductions and weekend offers. But the biggest reductions are applied at the end of the season for the bridal gowns that have remained. Starting with the September and October months, once launching the collection of the following year, the models of the precedent collections are reduced with about 60 or 70%. Being only bridal gowns that have remained make sure you pay attention to the small defects that the gown can have and how much can it cost repairing them.

Some of the bridal gowns presented in the catalogues as bridesmaid dresses or dresses for the mother of bride can be easily used for a bridal gown, if they’re bought in a white or ivory tone. The price of such pieces is way lower than that of a proper bride.

Now, we jump at the level of the second hand bridal gowns! You don’t have to be scared of this idea, or think only that the bridal gown has been worn previously – in some situations only once – you are going to be the one winning, by reducing 50% of its value, without the dress differing too much from its intitial state. If you’re luckier, then the bridal gown that you wish can be encountered at a friend who has made her wedding previously and maybe she will feel glad of borrowing it to you. If you like the vintage style, the wear the bridal gown that your mother has worn in the bridal day and you can even adapt it to your taste.

There’s also the option of renting a bridal gown and due to the crisis there are more and more such specialized stores all over the world and the models offered are indeed interesting.