Carolina Herrera evening gowns

Carolina Herrera overcomes herself with the newest collection that she has delivered for the public. Although these evening gowns have classical shapes, their colors and structures are the elements which recommend these particular models as must haves of this season.

Every woman fully wants a perfect evening gown or wedding gown and the creations signed by Carolina Herrera seem to encounter every little thing asked by women. For the evening gown that you’re going to wear at the wedding reception these models seem to be great!

Here’s how we start with the first model and suggestion in the list of Carolina Herrera evening gowns and we’re sure that you’re going to love it pretty much. This one is conceived in A-style with one shoulder neckline and it has flower embroidery on. This first model that we thought it would be a nice idea to share with you is made in an interesting manner and in pink and black- you can be certain that with such a model you’re not going to fail!

Carolina Herrera evening gowns

The next model is absolutely gorgeous looking and you can be sure that with it on you’re not going to fail. This one is a sleeveless evening gown that has a straight neckline and it’s designed in the style of mermaid dresses: it’s tight down to the thighs and it has various layers of ruffled pieces of fabric. Also, around the waist line you can observe a bow detail which is realized from the same type of fabric and all these elements go great together into realizing a wonderful piece of clothing that can be worn in all the places you intend on going.

Carolina Herrera evening gowns 2

If you’re not into pink evening gowns then this model is going to seem a really interesting model for being taken into account. This one is realized in a blue tone with different color patterns on. It’s indeed an interesting combination of details and elements and you can be certain that you’re going to look gorgeous in this one….

Carolina Herrera evening gowns 3

Let’s also mention some details surrounding it: like the fact that it’s created in A-style and that it has a straight neckline. The upper side is made with tight details, elements that make your upper side of the body look emphasized. There’s also the waist line that you need to know about, which is made of leather and it highlights your body shapes in a gorgeous manner.
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We hope that you enjoyed reading about these models of Carolina Herrera evening gowns, because we want you only to take the best examples whenever it comes to the big day and the things that you can apply for in that particular day.