Designer wedding gowns

When it comes to designer wedding gowns we know that you simply cannot get enough of them and this is a good reason for us to continue our previous article on this subject but with other suggestions, information and recommendations.
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First, we have a designer wedding gown that left us speechless from the very first sight. We are, of course, talking about a Vera Wang wedding dress that we hope that you will like as much as we did. This particular model is sleeveless and it features a sweetheart neckline and a really ruffled skirt.

It is obviously not recommended to wear such a wedding dress on a summer day with very high temperatures, but it would make a perfect choice if you have settled your wedding day somewhere in early fall. No, it is not exactly white, it is rather cream and it is designed in multiple layers of fabric. The corset is really tight on the bodice with several wavy embroidery details.

designer wedding gowns

Let us also mention that the embroidery on the corset differs from that of the skirt mainly through the shape of the models chosen, but this only makes the dress look more interesting. The lace that closes the dress in the back creates a nice visual effect, as well. It is definitely worth the amount of money written on the price tag, but before you pull out your credit card from the wallet, check your wedding budget.

Next we have a designer wedding gown that caught our attention with its detail. You can wear it on a sunny day without a problem as it looks pretty comfortable. This dress is sleeveless and it has the bodice really tight. The corset has nice looking elements in the cleavage area and some embroidery here and there which will make everyone express their amazement.

designer wedding gowns 2

On the thighs the dress features a belt made of red satin. We should also let you know that the dress is designed in the mermaid style and that it has a short train in the back side. The lower part is quite different from the superior one, because it does not have any tiered details or embroidery.

You can combine this wonderful designer gown with a long tulle veil and some fine pieces of jewelry that can come in the shape of cream pearls or chandelier earrings. Again, this piece of marvel can cost a small fortune, so, be sure you can afford it before you try it on.