Wedding Trends: Making Them Your Own

wedding trends

wedding trends

Some wedding trends endure, while others fizzle out- and thanks to Pinterest (follow us here), we can see them all. All the time. Yet seeing such trends with a few mouse clicks has resulting in wedding professionals and brides constantly feeling the need to go bigger, better, and yes, sometimes crazy. However, because all of the trends are out there, the result is often a heck of a lot of underdeveloped ideas. Throwing together several trends without any reason or fluidity does not result in a cohesive, charming aesthetic. It just looks…odd.

So the big question is this: if you want something timeless, classic and still uniquely you, is it even possible to go through the endless trends you see on Pinterest and various blogs?

The answer? YES!!

A great rule when utilizing trends is to use them sparingly. Yes, huge number and letter balloons are cool, but you may want to reserve them for a few photos rather than using them as table numbers or filling the entire reception hall with them. And yes, floral crowns are beautiful, however staying away from anything too large or colorful is a great way to avoid overkill.

A wedding should be a reflection of who you are at this time in your life. And while some trends may make wedding photos look dated, there’s still a way to incorporate trends and create something timeless.

Regardless of the trend (or trends) you want to use for your big day, remember to look at the big picture. Don’t be afraid to think outside the proverbial box! Remember and repeat the following words: Just because you see something on Pinterest doesn’t mean you need it in your wedding. If you see something you like, make an adjustment so it works with the style and theme of your wedding. Pinterest should be a source of inspiration, not a die-hard guide for your nuptials.

It’s your wedding–make it about you!! Have fun!

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