6 Pretty, Pink & Original Wedding Themes That Work

Garden Pink Wedding


Lately, we’ve been on a bit of a “pink” kick. Of course, it’s one of the most quintessential wedding colors but with its versatility and innumerable amount of beautiful shades, there’s also a rebellious, sexy appeal to this uber feminine tone. From edgy decor choices to subtle, romance, pink weddings are taking a rise in the wedding world and not for the more traditional aspects that we’re all used to. Today, we’re showing off some wedding themes that take a turn for the better by adding that perfect shade of blushing tones. Here they are: pretty, pink wedding themes that work!

Bohemian Contemporary

Pink Bohemian Wedding

What exactly is Bohemian Contemporary? Well, it takes some of the best aspects from the most popular wedding trends and molds them into something beautiful. A bit of free spirit flavors, rustic flair and vintage accents makes for a contemporary style that has so much personality, light and romance that there won’t be a color better to choose than a rosey pink topped off with a cranberry compliment.

Garden Wonderland

Garden Pink Wedding

We already gushed a bit about how wonderful a garden wedding could be, but what’s a flower-inspired celebration without a push of pink? At least within your petals! Use pinks of all shades to scatter throughout the party in every aspect. You’ll have a light, airy and whimsical wedding day in no time.


Pink Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Everyone loves a fairy-tale wedding day, whether you want to deny it or not. A ceremony right out of a storybook is something that everyone has dreamt of at some point in time and there’s nothing wrong with creating a day that lavishes your guests and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride (and princess) in the world. Especially when you slip on a blush pink ball gown, it’s gorgeous right?

Spring Geometrics

Pink Spring Wedding Cake

Spring is prime wedding time so it’s only natural that a bride chooses colors that evoke a sense of the bright and vivacious spirit of the season. Pair that with some modern touches, like sharp, geometric patterns for a new, hipster way of creating a wedding. It’s youthful, fun and unique. Not to mention, it brings a sense of artistic appeal to the entire day.

Relaxed Feminine

Pink Floral Ceremony

Not every wedding has to be formal. Instead, you can create a ceremony that has everyone relaxed and comfortable. Transform your venue into something magical and refreshing with lots of soft, pink feminine touches and natural lightning. Enjoy your day and don’t worry about everything being “just so” in perfect, traditional order.

Organic Beauty

Organic Pink Wedding

There’s something special about a wedding that evokes a sense of organic, natural beauty. From amazing textures to smooth, subtle colors, you’ll have a romantic scheme with lots of delicate, original ideas woven throughout the day. All this bouquet needed was a touch of blush to make it a bridal-worthy arrangement.


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