8 Favor Ideas for Your Hawaiian Wedding

Mahalo! When you started to ponder favors,
the first thing that came to mind was chocolate-coated
macadamia nuts, right? Of course, your guests would love them,
but don’t stop there …

After all, you’ve already shown you like to think
outside the box when you planned your destination wedding. And one
of the fun things about an intimate little wedding is that you can
give more thought, and ask for more quality, in your favors. The
possibilities expand when your guest count comes in at 20, instead
of 200.


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So without more ado, here are eight (plus) favor ideas for your Hawaiian wedding:

Idea #1. Kona coffee votive candles offer all the allure of the island without the jitters.

Idea #2. Believe it or not, chocolate-dipped shortbreads are big on the Island. Must be all that Scottish influence, huh?

Idea#3. How about a glorious double-orchid lei in bridal white or sultry violet?

Idea #4. Those brightly-colored, floating flip-flop candles you’ve seen at favor sites are perfect for your shoreside event. Or for a more romantic flavor, try a mini plumeria candle gift set.

Idea #5. How about some pretty orchid gel candles?

Idea #6. Want something a little different, a little dramatic? Try colorful, live fish in take-home fishbowls.

Idea#7. Aromatherapy soaps in Wild Orchid (for her) and Soul Fire (for him) could positively ignite a night in.

Idea #8. Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts are no mere token of your affection.

A Few More Hawaiian-Style Favors