Barn Venues: The Pretty, The Rustic & The Different

Rustic, shabby chic, pretty, organic, country, relaxed … these are all words associated with the trendiest of  wedding, at the moment. Barn weddings, in or out, as a background or a backdrop; brides are loving barns. That’s why we rallied up some pretty ones, rustic ones and some different ones to inspire!

Barn Wedding VenuePink and playful,  this barn is a bride’s dream.

Barn Wedding VenueThere’s a certain bit of sophisticated and quintessential bridal appeal to this venue.

Barn Wedding VenueUse a classic barn as a backdrop to your outdoor, casual ceremony.

Barn Wedding VenueSomething magical is happening inside this quaint, carefree barn.

Barn Wedding VenueAnd this rustic, organic setting is beautiful and picturesque is the best ways.

Barn Wedding VenueWhat are gorgeous, whimsical little hideaway this barn makes!

Barn Wedding VenueTraditional in style but rustic in design, this wedding is certainly trending.

Barn Wedding VenueThere’s a certain amount of girlish, vintage charm wrapped inside this venue.

Barn Wedding VenueThe weathered look to this barn gives a certain amount of grandiose focus and artistic flair.

Barn Wedding VenueSometimes a classic, country-loving bride, needs a classic, country barn.

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