5 Wedding Day Themes Trending in 2014

Wedding Themes Ideas

Wedding Themes Ideas

So many thoughts and ideas run through a bride’s head once she settles into the planning process. Add those anxious worries, brainstorming sessions and all the Pinterest pins in the world and you’ve got brides everywhere going crazy instead of enjoying her time dreaming and organizing her perfect celebration. But we’re here to  make it a little bit easier for you. We’ve compiled a quick list of the most trendy-worthy wedding themes for you too take a look at and be inspired by!

1. Rustic.

Probably the most popular theme for the past few years, rustic weddings have been popping up all over the world! From barnyard celebrations to plantation parties, there’s something very relaxed and welcoming to a rustic wedding … done right, of course! And don’t worry, even if you’ve book the biggest barn in town, you can still make it bridal-worthy with some billowing fabrics and pastel shades.

Rustic Wedding Themes

2. Beachy Destinations.

You may be having a beach-themed wedding and not be near a beach, but the transformation that can come with good planning can make it seem that way. Whether you’ve decided to take the family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to celebrate your love or create a beach away from the shoreline, a sea-themed wedding is definitely in style. Just be sure to think about your fashion choices when planning this theme, because ball gowns don’t go well with sand!

Beach Wedding Theme

3. Garden.

Bouts and bouts of flowers and a possible “I do” among bunches of rose beds, garden weddings have a certain whimsy appeal that’s perfect for the springtime. If you love color and love lots of feminine, delicate touches, a wedding day held in a garden setting may be just right for you! Wildflowers, lots of greenery and a flavorful, cultural meal make for an easy day for celebrating.

Garden Wedding Themes


4. Vintage.

The best part about a vintage wedding is that you can choose from a host of different decades that suit your couple style. Lately, rustic themes have been confused with vintage themes, but don’t get your styles wrong! There is more to old-age spirits than burlap and wood. Instead, think about Hollywood glamour and mod fashion when planning your big day!

Vintage Wedding Theme

5. Edgy.

Eclectic vibes and funky touches, go with your everyday style and try to create a hipster wedding. A bit of edginess never hurt anyone and it’ll definitely make a splash and memory with all of your guests. When it comes to your wedding, you need to think outside-the-box and stop planning everything inside-the-box. It’s okay to have a theme that doesn’t fit inside the confines of a traditional wedding.

Eclectic Wedding Theme



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