Popular Wedding Themes For 2019

Popular Wedding Themes for 2019

Wedding season is upon us and it’s time to take a look at some of the most trending, bridal-worthy visions of your main event. From the colors to the details, to the personalization, to the fashion, 2019 is gearing up to be one of the biggest, most memorable of game-changing times in the wedding world.

Whether you’re gathering inspiration for a wedding down the road or curious to see what other couples are up to this year, we’ve compiled a nice list of sneak peeks for everyone and anyone to take a gander at. Below you’ll find 8 of the most popular wedding themes for 2019, scroll through and let us know what you’re most excited for.

8 Popular Wedding Themes For 2019

Youthful Festivity

youthful festivity wedding with balloons


Think about bright colors and lots (and lots) of balloons. Balloon walls. Balloon chandeliers. Balloon accents at the tables. Balloon everything (well not everything, avoid the tacky!).

You can do this in a way that’s less birthday-inspired and much more whimsy-fueled. It really can be a lot of fun and there’s so much innovation that can go into the workings of an event like this!

The Darkness

dark wedding theme 2019


We’re seeing a lot of edgy appeal running around the receptions. If you’re planning a wedding this year, don’t be afraid to dive into the dark side – at least just a little bit.

Rich shades such as plum, midnight blue, emerald greens, and black are surfacing in ways that create a sensual mystery perfect for formal events. Think soft textures, lush florals, and contrasting elements to really create a memorable scene.

Alternative Floral (a.k.a. Everything Floral)

cotton candy wedding bouquets


From cotton candy to pampas grass, we’re seeing traditional florals completely nixed from the ceremonies. Brides and grooms are focusing more on texture and offbeat photo-ops – and we’re loving every minute of the personalization. There are so many different ways to incorporate alternative materials into a wedding while putting a special twist like none other on the day.

Scene-Setting Lighting

unique wedding lighting ceremony


Chandeliers that are backdrops or lanterns that provide more than just a glow, we’re seeing scenes set with unique, unforgettable light fixtures.

These choices add texture, artistic element, and focus all while transforming the ambiance of the space. We’re loving the multi-functional and stylish choices – with the possibilities remaining endless.


organic green wedding


Nature’s best is still on high-trend alert. All of the most outdoor-inspired shades and textures are invited in the place you’ll be saying your vows.

A lot of natural greenery in all hues, forms, and styles with complementary shades are the perfect way to create an inspired spread for your guests and your captures memories.

From the reception tables to the bridesmaids’ dresses, think about incorporating Mother Nature into all the nooks and crannies.

A Bit of Geometry

geometric wedding cake


There are a lot of contemporary visions up for grabs this year and that includes the incorporation of geometric shapes. The cake can be decorated with such and so can the backdrops or walls.

It really evokes a clean, modern appeal for your event to be founded upon just sharp lines and visuals.

Minimal Visions

minimal wedding theme


In the interior design world, minimalism is at an all-time, trendy high. The focus is on clean lines and fresh lighting.

And you can use that same vision for your wedding day. Neutral tones contrasted with crisp greens and florals of your choice, it’s an easy way to set a modern scene.

Classic Tradition

classic traditional wedding


There’s a turn back toward the classic as well, and we’re swooning for it. Bucking tradition is fun, but it’s also nice to plan and enjoy a timeless event.

Fill your day with roses and shades of white.

Think about more delicate and romantic details at the ceremony and running throughout the reception. Remember, there’s real elegance in a brand of simplicity.