Minimalist Bride Wedding Guide

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Minimalism is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality, rather than the simple elimination of excess goods from our lives. Instead of thinking of the simple decluttering of one’s home or life, minimalists think about both time and possessions in a very different way, prioritizing that which matters most over else and removing anything and everything that distracts us from our main purpose. Minimalism can be applied to all things, including finances, food and diet, home decorating, and, yes, even wedding planning.

For brides, a minimalist approach can keep her from being overwhelmed and overworked during the planning process. It can allow her to focus on how her special day can be a true representation of her relationships and her values, rather than an ostentatious display of unwanted and unnecessary “stuff.” If you are a bride looking to develop a wedding that is more conscious and more deliberate, this is your guide to a tastefully simple and simply beautiful wedding.

Keep your guest list small. While having a huge bash may sound exciting at first, but it often means added expenses, greater planning, and eventually pictures with people you haven’t seen for years and won’t see again. Even if you have a large extended family, a minimalist bride will want to cut some people from the guest list or simply slash that original list in half.

Do you need that second cousin and his wife you’ve never met present for the entire day? Is it important that your friends’ children come? Keep your list to immediate family and close friends only, which will lower your numbers overall and keep your day feeling more personal. It will also give you more time to spend with the people who matter most in your life on your special day.

Keep the menu simple. When it comes to wedding menus, it isn’t always easy to know what to do to please your guests (all the more reason to keep that guest list small, right?). Giving your guests options between steak and chicken means dealing with food choice RSVPs, and minimalist brides are all about keeping it simple.

Rather than deal with a traditional meal that can be expensive and involve a lengthy process of tasting and choosing, you may opt for something that is a people pleaser for most, like a chicken-only dish. It is also a great idea to ditch a sit-down dinner altogether and opt for a food bar, a chef station, or a buffet that allows some choices, especially for those couples who have vegetarians or vegans among the guests.

Keep wedding attire uncomplicated. Minimalist brides have a style all their own with a neutral palette and clean lines. Choose Azazie bridesmaid dresses in floor-length champagne chiffon or a knee-length taupe that provide a stylish backdrop to the simple bouquets they will carry, featuring one or two signature flowers and filled out with gorgeous greenery. Opting for minimalism means you can keep every detail elegantly subtle.

Some minimalist brides may opt to choose rented dresses or tuxedos, or allow their entourage to choose wedding attire that fits within the color scheme but can be purchased in a department store. Not only does this reduce the cost for the attendants, but it can also reduce the stress associated with dress shopping for the bride and her girls!

Create DIY table decorations. Minimizing your color palette and keeping your guest list small means that you can make your table decorations. From simple mason jars with decorative rocks and candles to vintage teacups full of lush greenery to antique watering cans sporting your signature flowers, the possibilities for making a one-of-a-kind table decorations are endless! Not only will it save the bride and groom a great deal of money, but these are also a display of your style.

Simplify your cake. Minimalist wedding cakes can take many forms. From geometric cakes with earth-toned or plain white icing to a completely frosting-free “naked” cake adorned with only fruit, minimalist brides may opt for a wide range of cakes that are elegant in their understated beauty and design. Instead of purchasing cake toppers or using florals, some brides focus on greenery, photographs of the bride and groom, or even succulents.

Adopting a minimalist mentality for your wedding can enhance the entire experience of wedding planning, and place the focus where it belongs- on the bride and groom. Working with businesses that support your minimalist interests and efforts and allow you to plan the wedding of your dreams is critical to this process.

What are some other suggestions you have for a bride who wants to minimize her wedding? Have you attended weddings with beautifully understated venues, decorations, or entertainment? Feel free to share your ideas here.