Wedding trends

Each of you wishes that their wedding day is the most memorable and the greatest day of the entire life, not only for you as the bride and groom, but also for the guests.

We’re sure that you read all the time in magazines about celebrities’ weddings and you wish that yours is similar at least a little bit with their.

wedding trends

After all, a wedding is not a fashion statement, where you can observe all kinds of evening gowns and where the prettiest models are chosen. If you want a fashionable wedding and you don’t know where to start from, here are some of the most stylish wedding trends.
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The romantic and natural hair….

The days in which you had to apply for complicated hairstyles are far away! Now, the majority of the brides opt for simplicity and they pick comfortable waves. In addition, these are really easy to “wear” with a princess tiara or with a natural flower attached in one side. It’s not hard at all to be a romantic bride.

Vintage wedding dresses….

The vintage wedding dresses are really popular. Why spend lots of money on a dress that you’re going to wear only once and for some hours? Grandmother’s dress is staying for a long time in the box and it waits to be worn. Or for who has the necessary time, there are lots of shops and sire with vintage wedding dresses that are exquisite and are waiting to be bought. For some time now, lace is really popular and the majority of these dresses have a little bit of lace as components. They’re really easy to wear with pearls and gloves, which are going to complete the romantic and elegant aspect.

wedding trends 2

Wild flowers….

How do you imagine a wedding without flowers? Renounce to the formal wedding bouquet and opt for a really natural flower arrangement, made of wild flowers. Wrap around it a ribbon and don’t accessorize it. Find a florist who knows to work with flowers, others than roses. For the bridesmaids choose similar flowers from that from your bouquet and place them in your hair.

In clued unconventional parts in the wedding….

wedding trends 3

There are a multitude of beautiful traditions specific to weddings. Even if you’re not old school, why not do what your ancestors did?

You can get inspired from other country’s traditions. You can break plates or jump the broom – it’s really important that your guests feel involved in the action of the wedding and have diverse ways of having fun.

As a conclusion, it’s not hard to have a stylish wedding; if you want to be aware with the newest wedding trends then you’re in the right spot. The most stylish pick is definitely yours! You have to have a wedding that expresses your personality and taste, not an obliged one from magazines. The stress is at the maximum level, so the greatest ideas are the simplest ones.