Tips concerning the guests

Before thinking of all the details and aspects that concern our wedding you should take into account the fact that it’s the celebration of your love and that you shouldn’t be so nervous when it comes to organizing this special event.

Ok, so this time we would like to give you some tips in what concerns the invitations and the guests and we definitely want you to take them into account, because these are important aspects as well.

tips concerning the guests

So, first of all here’s the question that many of the future wedded have “Do we need to place napkins in the envelope with the invitations?”. Well, this is an old method of sending invitations, because there was used ink and it used to spread on the envelope and this is definitely an unpleasant thing. There are some places from which you can buy invitations and they still use ink and they add also a napkin. This is indeed an interesting aspect which we’re sure you didn’t take into account.
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In case the wedding takes place in weekdays and in not in a weekend then it means that we’ve got some tips for this case too. So, you can apply for offering the guests sweet drinks in order to make them feel more comfortable. Also, be certain that they’re going to get at your wedding later, because it’s their program too involved. You should also organize your wedding as a really elegant festivity, the music is really important and you shouldn’t omit this aspect either.

Also, you can rent buses or big cars for your guests in case they’re from another place, different from the spot in which your wedding takes part. You should offer the company all the proper indications for so that your guests are taken and be brought back to the place in which you’ve reserved their rooms. As for the parking places for those guests that are going to come by car, you should have reserved all the right parking spots for them.

tips concerning the guests 2

That person that makes that unites you as a bride and groom in front of the law should be invited at the wedding reception as well. It’s not bad to invite that person as well; you can do it whether or not, you have a special relationship with him. Also, he can bring the wife and kids as well and you can place them next to your parents or in some spot where there are relatives as well.

Related to the guests we have another matter to take into account and this one relates to the toasts that the bridesmaid and the best have to make. You can ask them to talk while the second type of food is served and you’ve resolved the problem.