Color guide for wedding

An elegant wedding will ask always a chromatic line that is restricted and it has also some must have colors.

It’s true that a chromatic palette varies every year accordingly to the offer on the market, but this doesn’t mean that the next colors in the wedding are going to get old fashioned ever.

Even if your wedding will take into account various principles here are some chromatic details that you have to take into account when it comes to the project of your wedding.

Surely you’ve dreamed at least once in your lifetime for an enormous rose bouquet that your lover has offered to you. Even if your desire has been fulfilled or not, the red intense roses are going to be welcomed in your wedding day for sure….

color guide for wedding

It’s true that sweets made in purple tones are really gorgeous, but we think that flowers with purple tones are going to definitely be a point of attraction for your guests.
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It’s true that pink isn’t a color tone that many men can stand, but if you’re going to include pink tones in the flower décor, surely your husband is going to say yes when it comes to purple pieces of décor.

You know very well that if you have too strong details, a special location or rough colors in the table décor, the flower tones have to be diminished. You’re not going to fail ever if we’re speaking about applying for an entire wedding which is in white.

color guide for wedding 2

It’s true that orange doesn’t seem an option to take into account by many couples. Although initially orange is a color tone that you wouldn’t want in your wedding day, maybe light orange is going to seem a refined option.

color guide for wedding 3

Especially to be applied in eco weddings, the green small bouquets or light green can be the perfect solution. If you want to offer to your wedding an elegant air, apply for a double choice: green and purple.

color guide for wedding 4

As you can observe and you already know, colors are really important when it comes to a gorgeous looking wedding and we’re certain that you’re going to take into account all the options offered here- of course, in the end you’re going to apply for only one chromatic pattern on which you’re going to go from every little element of your wedding and to all the details.

Be sure that if you read to our little color guide with attention, you’re going to end up with the right solution in the end….