Greek wedding traditions

When it comes to traditions and different customs that you encounter in this world you can be certain that these vary and they’re special from a case to another, from a territory to other and so on…. We’re sure that you’re going to find all these stuff useful and maybe you’re going to feel enchanted of some traditions or others when it comes to weddings.

Greek wedding traditions

So, today we thought it would be a really gorgeous and nice idea to speak about Greek traditions throughout the time and in this moment as well and offer you a piece of Greek experience in the same time.
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The Greek brides used to wear in their wedding day red or yellow veils as a symbol of fire. These bright colors protected them against demons and evil spirits.

Greek wedding traditions 2

In Antique Greek the diamonds were considered as being tears of the gods and it was believed that a diamond is a symbol of the fire of love and intensity.

Another Greek tradition tells that the bride should wear in her wedding day a sugar cube in order to have a sweet life and happiness or ivy as a symbol of eternal love and happiness!

A traditional wedding includes even celebrating the official engagement. In the day of the ceremony, the groom asks for the hand of his beloved from her parents. The best man accompanies the groom and the bride at the church and next to the priest he has an important role in the ceremony.

Her places on the heads of the bride and the groom a crown made of gold and it wraps around it a silk ribbon. For the rest of the day the bride and the groom are going to be treated like queen and king.

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The wedding party is between one of the most important events and it can be celebrated all night long. The most well known tradition related to the Greek people refers to smashing plates and this gesture is definitely one that brings good luck and happiness.

The traditions on the Crete Island include baking bread for the special day. This type of bread is made in shapes of different stars and planets and it’s adorned with dry fruits. The dough contains lots of spices like cinnamon and other ones that bring a special taste to this piece of pastry. Rum, citrus peel and almonds are elements that make this bread even more delicious. The flavor of this bread is the sweetness of holly matrimony and the love between the bride and groom.

These traditions are really interesting to read about and we’re certain that you’re going to find them really useful….