Making the groom get involved in wedding planning

So when have you decided to take the wedding? Is this a question that is often put to you? You should get used to it, because more and more people are going to ask it! Besides this we’re sure that you are going to feel absolutely stressed as the ones surrounding you have these words on their lips. You know that there are lots of things that still remain to be done and you have the impression that you simply cannot sleep due to the stress and all the pressure that you feel on your chest and shoulders.
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Let’s also not omit the indications that the groom has to give you all the time and he should get involved more, don’t you feel that? How do you get him to involve in the wedding planning and all those things? You have to admit that it’s kind of frustrating, though, and it’s a behavior that is very often encountered among couples: one gets involved too much and in most of the cases it’s the bride and the groom lies back giving some indications. The majority of men believe that they do you a favor if they let all those details to be resolved by you and them not interfering. Most of the men behave as if they wouldn’t mind at all attending their own weddings.

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Wedding couple

Here’s how they perceive things: a man likes a woman, he asks her to get married, the woman and family organize the wedding and the reception and he appears in his own wedding because that’s how it has to be. No matter what the reason of the absenteeism of the man is, a thing should be emphasized: men are not going to be that glad when it comes to picking the color of the table napkins and they are not going to get too stressed if the wedding vendors have misplaced the flowers that you have picked, also it is not going to seem a tragedy if before a week before the wedding they notice that the groom suit is smaller. So, how do you make men get involved in the wedding?

We have some suggestions on how you can make a man get more involved when it comes to wedding planning and arranging the big day.

Try finding the appropriate moment! Although such a moment doesn’t seem to exist, try to find it. A great moment is after you come from work you set him a nice meal, a delicious one and step by step you open the subject of the wedding, but don’t do it in a barbaric manner, do it subtle! Think of the color of the table napkins or the flower arrangements, mention about these details vaguely and see how he reacts. Of course, it can happen for him to avoid the subject with a phrase like “honey, as you wish”. In this situation, we recommend you to stay as calm as possible and emphasize the fact that you would wish him to be next to you and his opinion and involvement matters pretty much to you!

The matter of the shopping is also a subject that men think characterizes only women. But there are so many things that you have to take into account before the wedding, that is simply impossible not to mention them to your loved one. So, here’s how we get to the topic of the emotional use of words and “blackmailing”. Maybe the problem of the table napkins is going to be resolved immediately, in a store, but for some other details there is the need of spending tens of minutes in shops and you need his support as well. So, try convincing him that he should be next to you in this situation as well.

The guest list is also important! We think that in the wedding planning process, the only tempting and interesting moment that the man can find is the bachelor party! He imagines this part with amazement and he looks forward to it. As for the rest of the details concerning wedding planning, he’s going to be absent. But you don’t need that, do you? This means that you should bring him with his feet on the ground and ask him to make a guest list with all his friends and to think of an appropriate way of arranging them at the table. To us, it seems an easy task and to him it should be in the same manner, don’t you think so?