Wedding engagement

Most of our reviews are destined to be read by women, but we don’t see any harm in men reading them as well! For instance, we’ve seen many men interested in their wedding day, as interested as their future wives and we see this as a big thing, because after all it’s the most important day in your lifetime.

We would like to realize a review which can be read both by women and men and we would like to push men to read it in particular. This one treats wedding engagements and we thought it would be a really great idea to make the men be interested in the manner in which they can propose to their beloved one. Of course, you have to see that it’s a review that has as main targets the men that didn’t pop out the question to their future fiancé, yet!

First of all, you have to know that when it comes to wedding engagements women like that their proposal remains in history and how can you do that? Well, it’s really simple….

wedding engagement

The main thing that you have to do before popping out the question is some research. You have to be pretty attentive and make sure that you listen to her carefully, how does she dream her wedding engagement to be and look like.
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If she’s a romantic person then she definitely thinks of a special spot, like the seaside, or an open air location in which she’s really close with the nature and there’s just the two of you. Take her in a special vacation or a walk and you can pop out the question in one of these places that were just mentioned.

If you know your partner as being a little bit crazy, then a wedding engagement can definitely take place in an awkward spot, in the middle of the street…. Place yourself in your knees and ask her if she wants to get married. This isn’t a bad thing at all: every now and then you definitely need to have such a sense in you and we think that these are the most memorable things to do.

As for the other situations in which your wedding engagement can take place we think that the most common place in which a woman is proposed is in the interior of a romantic or fancy restaurant. It seems that it isn’t just a cliché in movies, it’s also one in reality.

We totally think that you need to use your imagination every now and then due to the fact that you want your wedding engagement and your wedding ceremony to be special and these are the right ways in realizing such a thing.