Weddings and guests

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task, but picking the guests is far from being the most interesting provocation. Who do we invite and who we leave behind? The place of the people who are the closest to your heart- you should keep in mind that particular spot.

weddings and guests

How about the rest of the people? It’s a choice that you should assume it. Even if the budget is unlimited, every couple has to take into consideration their priorities and here are some money in which you can save some money and organize your wedding list.
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So, first of all be sure to verify your budget, and emphasizing it is going to seem like and equation. All the restaurants organize their lists of pieces accordingly to the number of guests.

weddings and guests 2

If you decide to marry abroad the majority of the hotels offer the all inclusive deal. Once you’ve made up your mind on the location and the number of people placed in the budget you have you can start with contouring the guest list.

Make sure you’ve settled your priorities…. When you start with writing the name of the guests, try to sort them accordingly to the next criteria- family, close relatives and distance ones, friends, mates and people you know.

This thing is going to seem useful especially in the moment in which you decide how to arrange them at the tables. Make sure you consult yourself with the parents because there are going to be some obligations in what concerns the invitations that they have to honor.

weddings and guests 3

Or there are some relatives that you’ve never met since a long time ago…. It’s not necessary to tell that for every guest you have to calculate the eventual partner as well. Some couples choose not to invite children.

It’s a rule to invite your boss, even if your relationship isn’t a great one make sure that you analyze the relationship that you have with every guest and place yourself the question “in what relationships are we going to be in 5 years?”.

If the answer comes right away and it’s positive or you receive a negative one you’re going to know exactly if it’s made without hesitations. You don’t have to loose from your eyes those that helped you throughout the time.

In the moment in which the invitations are ready, the date in which they’re sent is very important. Accordingly to the statistics 20% from the guests that you’ve called at your wedding might not come. Many couples spread the list with guests in two parts, waiting the answers from the first part in order to continue with the second one.

This is most effective tactic if the invitations are sent in due time and how fast the rumor is spread. Also, you can announce the guests that they’re going to take part of an intimate ceremony. After all, the most important thing is that the guests feel great and that the couple has interesting moments together and memorable in the same time.