Strange wedding traditions – Greece, Africa, Germany

I know you are pretty curious about finding new things, as far as wedding traditions are concerned. Also, I know that you are even more curious to learn how things occur in other countries. Who knows? Maybe you will get married in Greece, France or Germany. Thus, you would better be informed and do not let life kick you by surprise.
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Since we have mentioned Greece, there is a strange an odd wedding tradition that these people honour at their nuptials. In order to respect it, we recommend you to purchase some affordable plates that will be broken during the ceremony. This odd tradition is explained as a method that will bring good luck and jot upon the bride and the groom, in their new life together.

In African countries the bride and groom respect the tradition of jumping over the broom. This custom symbolizes the transition to a new stage of life, leaving behind the past. Thus, if you find this tradition interesting and full of meaning, or if your couple is composed of one member belonging to an African country, then we recommend you to keep this tradition, because it will definitely add colour to your nuptials.

In Germany, there is a tradition that could be considered a good therapy for some of us! Before the wedding, the family and friends of the bride and the groom break some plates, while the couple will clean the mess. It is said that this custom will prepare the two love birds for their new life together. Besides that, according to tradition this usually brings them good luck.

Strange wedding traditionsCredit
Strange wedding traditions

And last but not least let’s share a tradition, concerning the wedding rings. If you didn’t know, the habit of putting the ring on the ring finger, belonging to the left hand dates back to ancient Egypt. This gesture symbolizes eternal love; the popular belief is that the vein of love starts from the finger and goes directly to the heart.

There are many more traditions, but these are the most peculiar of them that we have gathered just for you. Event though they were familiar for you or not, what you will have to decide now is whether you will insert some of these traditions to your wedding ceremony, in order to gain some vividness and to cheer things up.